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Thread: Just got a Polaris 9450 Sport, so far so good.

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    Just got a Polaris 9450 Sport, so far so good.

    4 years ago when we bought this house we because pool owners for the first time. The pool came with a return-line suction vacuum. Didn't take long to figure out that wasn't going to happen and got a Polaris 280. I could just leave it in the pool and take it out when we had company. That meant running the pump all the time though. Then last year we started replacing hose, and fittings, and it wasn't cleaning very well. AND, I still had to brush the sides.

    So, I waited all winter to purchase a newer electric unit this spring. I did tons of research and kinda decided on the Dolphin Premier. Loved ratings and customer satisfaction and swivel power cord. Hated the filters and their lack of capacity. When to the local dealer which also does warranty service for the area. Long discussions ensued. This past weekend I came home with the Polaris 9450 (didn't need the remote). The swing feature for me was the filter, 1 not 4, top loading, not bottom, and freakin' huge. I watched the video's for both units many times and every time the filter capacity and cleaning process pushed me to the Polaris.

    As it turns out, I'm in love with the 'come-to-me' feature, where it climbs up to side for you to get by a handle rather than pulling on the power cord. I was still worried about it not having a swivel cord. Turns out that's not an issue. Manual says to disconnect when not in use. When I do that and collect the cord, I get it straight and it's ready to go for the next cleaning. Starting with a straight cord, with a 3-hour cleaning, no kinks at all.

    It took me 4 cleanings to get the 'stuff' off the pool, nothing you could see, but stuff that would clog the filter and stop the machine for cleaning. I can't believe I used to swim in that, yuck.

    So, really small sample, but so far very happy with the purchase.

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    Re: Just got a Polaris 9450 Sport, so far so good.

    Thanks for the review! I'm still using my old Tigershark but I don't exactly love it. It does a fair job of cleaning but not great. I think it's starting to show its age. I'll likely be in the market next summer. Hopefully not sooner.
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