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Thread: Green Pool

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    Green Pool

    I'm looking for help in making the next correct step, please!
    We have intex 4'x18'. It has not been maintained since summer of last year.

    Two days ago I put in 8 bags of ultra shock and this brought me to to a cloudy blue. I also added 2 cups stabilizer/conditioner. I followed by adding 2 oz of clarifier. I also have a bottle of sink and sweep but having read mixed reviews I'm not sure if I should use it. I am changing the filter 3 times per day also.

    I tested my water this morning with a strip and got these readings.
    Hardness 100
    Chlorine 0
    Ph 6.8
    Total alkalinity 180
    Cyanuric acid 0

    Can anyone point me in the right direction of what to do next?

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    Re: Green Pool

    Hello, welcome to the forum. There's two ways to maintain a pool.
    1. Our way. (TFPC)
    2. Pool store way.

    If you choose to go with the TFPC method, you'll first need a proper test kit. Strips are very inconsistent. I've seen strips that were pretty close for many of the tests and I've seen some that were straight up terrible. They shouldn't be trusted. I recommend the kit that I and many others here run. (TF100 from

    While you're waiting, I suggest some light reading.

    This is how we suggest you handle a green pool (It requires a good test kit)
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    Re: Green Pool

    mrcarcrazy is right. The first step is reliable testing. You will need to pick up one of the recommended test kits. To effectively practice the TFPC methods, the FAS/DPD chlorine test is essential. All the kits on the list contain that test while very few other kits do. The kits sold at the pool store generally won't won't cut it, but be careful pool store employees are known to say “it's the same thing”. Generally it's not!

    Don't take a water sample and run down to the pool store. They are going to try to sell you some "clean pool in a box" magic potion, and if you have read around here much you have probably seen that not much credence is given to pool store testing. While you would think that a "professional" would be the best, unfortunately in most cases it is quite the opposite. Between employees who blindly trust the word of chemical sales representatives and high school kids working in the pool store for the summer you end up with poor results from their testing.

    While you wait for your test kit start reading the articles mrcarcrazy recommended, plus SLAMing your pool because that is how we clean up a green pool.

    No more shock or clarifiers until you get valid test results.
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    Re: Green Pool

    I can speak from experience that the TFP method works! It will take time and patience, but it works. You will not spend nearly the amount of money using the TFP method as what you will spend in chemicals from the pool store. The TF-100 kit is inexpensive, no driving to the pool store to get water tested! You need to test often when doing a SLAM. The kit has easy to follow instructions too. I can tell you that prior to finding this site I spent over $200 at the
    lol store trying to clear my pool just last month. I purchased enough bleach and liquid chlorine to get me through my SLAM. I spend about $75 and have not used all of it. I still have 12.5 gallons of liquid chlorine left at this point. I am not finished with my SLAM, but I think I will be finished before I use all of it.
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    Re: Green Pool

    Make sure to vacuum the pool. It will appear murky at least in part because of the gunk on the bottom.

    But your chlorine level is 0, which is no good. Get that higher. It's at 0 because it has all been used killing the algae and other organics in the pool. That falls to the bottom as gunk. Keeping on top of vacuuming that up will help clear the pool as well. But you have to keep the chlorine level up or else the algae will come back quickly. At season opening, you need to be on top of it to get ahead of the algae growth. You don't need algecide, you don't need clarifier. You just need chlorine, and lots of it.
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