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Thread: Stuck Slide Backwash Valve?

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    Stuck Slide Backwash Valve?

    Is it normal for the backwash valve to be very difficult to pull up?...when I try to pull it up I can hear a little bit of hissing...definitely some air coming out...but it doesn't really budge and I was hesitant to apply too much force

    I recently bought this house, so I don't know much about the history of the pool...based on some other things I've seen, it wouldn't surprise me if the filter hasn't been backwashed in a loooong time

    and I thought I was gonna have to call in some heavy machinery to get the pump basket lid off, so a tough valve would be consistent...but I just thought I would double check and see if you guys know of any slide valves that have some sort of release button that needs to be pushed before pulling up

    do these things ever seize up so badly that they need to be replaced?...or do I just need to quit being so prissy and get to pulling?

    here's some pics of my set-up ... 001ot5.jpg ... 002vh3.jpg

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    Re: Stuck Slide Backwash Valve?

    Are you turning off the pump before you switch positions?
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    Re: Stuck Slide Backwash Valve?

    yes, the pump is off when I'm pulling on the valve

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    Re: Stuck Slide Backwash Valve?

    would opening the pressure valve on the filter make this thing slide any easier?

    would that cause problems when I went to backwash (assuming I closed it before turning the pump back on)?

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    Re: Stuck Slide Backwash Valve?

    With the pump off, all of the pressure in the filter should go away within a second or two.

    Often enough those valves get stiff and just need more force. Occasionally an O-ring gets stuck on the edge of one of the pipe openings and pulling too hard can tear it. In those cases rocking up an down can often clear it. In severe cases the whole thing needs to be disassembled.

    It is tricky to describe the amount of force required. You need to pull quite hard sometimes, yet pulling too hard can break it.
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    Re: Stuck Slide Backwash Valve?

    great...that's what I was curious about

    thanks for the reply!

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    Re: Stuck Slide Backwash Valve?

    Make sure you turn the handle 90 degrees to unlock it first before pulling.
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    Re: Stuck Slide Backwash Valve?

    If this is old equipment it wouldn't hurt to disassemble the valve (most are relatively easy) and replace/relube the o-rings. They can deteriorate, snag on edges, or sometimes even expand and make things far too tight. Lube them with a good silicon based lubricant, like magic lube.

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    Re: Stuck Slide Backwash Valve?

    Quote Originally Posted by jeffhask
    Make sure you turn the handle 90 degrees to unlock it first before pulling.
    and, we have a winner...I kinda figured it was something stupid like this...and that's why I turned to you guys

    I got the valve moved this afternoon and was able to perform the backwash

    thanks for the help everyone!

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