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Thread: Vacuum debris re-ejecting/ how do I vacuum to waste? Can't find answers online for my

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    Vacuum debris re-ejecting/ how do I vacuum to waste? Can't find answers online for my

    Hey guys, just a humble pool fool in need of help.

    PentAir cartridge filter. Will post various pics (tell me if you need specific ones) real soon.

    If i vacuum too long my algal debris starts getting re ejected into my pool. Does this mean I just have to vacuum in increments, open my cartridge filter, clean it out, and continue? Pool has some heavy algae in it since it gets an insane amount of sunlight. 105 degree days out here sometimes. I was able to maintain it during fall and winter but spring and summer, the algae grows much faster.

    Keeping my chlorine especially high right now during all my cleaning efforts. I do recall though, that back when my vacuuming actually worked very well, my jacuzzi would start to drain after vacuuming a while. Nowadays it doesn't do that, no matter how long I vacuum. I'm reading up on vacuuming and just realized there is different ways to vacuum: "vacuum to filter" and "vacuum to waste".

    Vacuum to waste entails draining water (and algae) straight out of the pool without going through the filter, right? I think I'd like to try that to get rid of this mess, it must've been what I was doing before. But how do I set it from "filter" to "waste"? There doesn't seem to be any obvious button for that on my unit.

    Also I'm going to post some pictures of some black knobs/valve thingies on my filter unit that I think may have to do with pertinent settings. I'm not sure how to adjust them, because they feel locked in place and I don't want to break anything.

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    Re: Vacuum debris re-ejecting/ how do I vacuum to waste? Can't find answers online fo

    Hello jazi and welcome. Let's start off here:What we need to know to answer your questions

    As far as I know, you don't have a waste valve on a cartridge filter.

    Your algae, although grows best in warm weather, is not completely due to the hot weather. It grows out of control because there is not enough chlorine in your pool to kill it. You May also be souly dependant on chlorine pucks which is why you're battling algae n can't keep up. Look at this link:ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry.

    You can certainly creat a siphon to vac to waste if you want.

    If youb truly want our help, you should look into purchasing your own test kit and take control of your pool. You can read about them here: Test Kit Comparison The TF100 is the better test kit as you'll get more reagents for your money and you're going to need the FAS DPD to perform the SLAM which you can read about here:SLAMing Your Pool, PoolMath and Overnight FC Loss Test. This should get you started in the right direction and provoke questions we will be waiting to answer.
    I'd bet you my bikini you'll never get TFP water from a pool store!

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