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Thread: Resurface/Renovate pool in newly purchased house

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    Resurface/Renovate pool in newly purchased house

    We bought our house Sept last year and used the pool this past summer. We replaced the pool heater at an expense of $5000.00. When we had it opened for the season, there were some tiles missing (about 3ft) and the plaster behind it was cracking. We didn't fix the tiles and just closed the pool in the fall. We have had in 3 contractors that have said we need to resurface/renovate (I don't know the difference) the pool since there is pitting. They recommended we resurface, retile, change the drain, and redo the poured concrete coping stones. We were also told we would need to put markers on the step treads to the pool (the tile is currently on the risers) to bring the pool up to code.

    Since we have never owned a pool before, we have to take their word for it. We would like to add a step and hand rail into the hot tub. And the contractors also said since the coping stones were poured, the PB would have the forms. Well, after much research with the township, I was able to find the name of the builder, Albana. It appears they have gone out of business (the pool was built 1989). Don't know where to go from here since I don't care for the other coping stones, I like the poured concrete look. We really don't have much information about the pool since we are the third owner since installation.
    How can we find a reliable PB? Can we reuse the coping stones (they said prob not because they MIGHT break when they remove them, but I think they are trying to inflate their price)? Is there some way to locate the forms from a PB that is no longer in business? Also, the tiles that were used have been discontinued, but the tile supplier said there is someone in our area that MAY carry the same tiles. But then we would have to retile using new tiles anyway.

    Sorry to go on and on. But we need help and direction. Thanks for any advice.

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    Re: Resurface/Renovate pool in newly purchased house

    First, welcome to the Forum.

    Sorry, but I think there is little hope of finding those forms. If you remove the coping, a competent PB can replace that with something near the same or very similar that you like. Is it not salvageable? Post some pictures for us to see and perhaps we can answer better.

    As for the finish (plaster) it very likely should be replaced, along with tile. For tile you should choose something new. Chances of an exact match are slim to zero. Besides, new will be more enjoyable for you, and more to your taste. Renovate/refinish are the same when speaking of doing the interior finish/tile. Most often, tile is replaced with new finish if it's all pretty old and in poor condition.

    Finding the right builder takes some effort. Contact several, get references, and use your best judgement. That's what all of us have had to do on new builds or reno's. It isnt the easiest decision, but there's no other way really. Please post back with some photos, and there will be some answers for you. Ask more questions and we'll try to help.
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    Re: Resurface/Renovate pool in newly purchased house

    Welcome to TFP.

    Pics would be great!
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