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Thread: Really high Calcium - Calcium precipitated?

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    Really high Calcium - Calcium precipitated?

    Here's my numbers after fighting an algae growth:

    pH 7.2
    FC - 18
    CC - 0
    TA - 110
    CYA - 40-50
    CH - 700! (tested it twice to be sure)

    The pool was clear until about a week ago and had to shock it. I used liquid chlorine (10%) and 1.5 lbs 48% cal-hypo shock. When I got my TF100 in June ,the water was already at a CH-400. The 1.5 lbs of shock was the only thing I've added since that has calcium. Until last week, the only thing I've used on the pool was 6% bleach, 10% liq. chlorine or Muriatic acid. Would any have those raised the calcium that much?

    The algae is gone but the water clarity isn't where it was before the algae outbreak. Could this be Calcium precipitate or is it algae debris? Should I do some partial drains to get CH down?

    The pool calc. says the CSI index is at -0.01. Is this bad?

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    Re: Really high Calcium - Calcium precipitated?

    Lowering the PH too far can dissolve plaster out of the walls of the pool, raising your CH level rapidly. You would have had to have brought the PH down fairly far for that to have happened however.

    Your CSI is fine where it is, but only as long as you keep the PH around 7.2. If the PH goes up to normal levels you could have a scaling problem. It would be a very good idea to lower your CH level.

    It can take the filter up to a week to clear up dead algae after it is all killed. I wouldn't worry about slightly cloudy water for several days yet. As the filter works you should see a small improvement each day.
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