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Thread: Brand new pool (and pool owner) - Setting pump run times/speed (IntelliFlo VS)

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    Brand new pool (and pool owner) - Setting pump run times/speed (IntelliFlo VS)

    Greetings all. I just had a new pool built at my house and it seems like they set the pump to run to high/too long (at that speed at least) from what I've been reading, so wanted to get some more details. First, the details on the pool:

    • Approximately 14,285 gallons
    • 3' to 6.5' deep with 1' deep sunshelf
    • No spa
    • Located in Central Florida area
    • Under new screen enclosure
    • Interior is Magic Marcite Aqua Pearl Mini Pebble, color is Bimini Blue (they are a local company)
    • See pictures below for specific dimensions shot of the pool

    Equipment Package:
    • Pentair IntelliFlo VS - Main label shows 354605.E and labels on pump housing show 353011 Rev E on one side and 353114.E
    • Pentair Clean & Clear RP CCRP 200
    • Pentair IntelliChor IC40
    • Intermatic MultiWave (PE653 Receiver, PE953 Remote, PA122 Water Temp Sensor, 178PA28 Air Temp Sensor, PE20000 Load Center)

    • 2 10" Anti-Vortex Main Drains
    • 1 Skimmer
    • 2 Parascope Bubblers on sun shelf
    • 3 return jets
    • 1 dedicated vacuum port
    • 2.5" piping from pump to filter
    • 2" piping from filter to IntelliChlor
    • 3" piping for main drains
    • 3" piping for skimmer
    • 2" piping for dedicated cleaning robot - currently no in use
    • 2.5" piping for returns
    • 2" piping for parascope bubblers

    This is a new custom pool that was fired up 10 days ago and had an initial treatment. I didn't see exactly what was done but was told they put in a bunch of acid and there were big white chunks were put in the skimmer (chlorine?). 3 days later they added salt (I think I saw him add 4 bags, but can't verify that). I'm not sure what else may have been done. The pool has been lightly used since being treated, and we've had some rain

    Today they came out to do pool school and when he tested it today with basic test strips the pH way high and chlorine was low, so he added acid and set the chlorine generator up from 60% to 80%.

    The guy set the pump and chlorinator to run for 8 hours (10am-6pm) on speed 3 and increased the RPM for speed 3 to 2850 (As well as speed 4 to MAX). He said that running on speed 3 at this increased RPM should turn over the water a little over 2 times. He didn't specifically say if this is something they do during the initial period of the pool (while the finish is still curing) or this is their general runtime. I forgot to ask this question as well.

    So, I wanted to get recommendations on setting up the pump and chlorinator as a starting point, keeping in mind the pool is brand new as well. I've ready a variety of posts that date back a few years where it's mentioned to figure out flow rates and then determine what you need for water turnover, look at wattage/rpm, etc., so I wanted to get some current info on what's best.

    Few other notes:
    - I keep the bubblers running about what you see in the picture below, about 18" above the water line, mainly because I like the sounds, but I figured it also helps circulate water off the sun shelf, because there is no return jets there, but if I should do something different for when we're not looking for them to be s specific height (or off) based on being in the pool, please advise.
    - The pool faces west so it's in the shade until around noon'ish, then it gets full sun exposure until sunset

    Pool Dimensions.jpgIMG_2010.jpg

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    Re: Brand new pool (and pool owner) - Setting pump run times/speed (IntelliFlo VS)

    Running the bubblers is likely to cause the PH to go up. Keep an eye on the PH and see if that is enough of an issue for you to not run them as often, or if it is not a big deal.

    Typically you want to run the pump roughly four hours a day on a fairly low speed. That speed should be high enough for the skimmers to work well but not lower than 1,000 RPM. Turnovers have nothing to do with residential pools, that is an old rule of thumb for commercial pools.

    I would start the IntelliChlor at 40% and see how things go and adjust as needed.
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