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Thread: Building new home with IG pool and spa in SW Florida, your advice requested

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    Building new home with IG pool and spa in SW Florida, your advice requested

    Iím a newbie when it comes to pools, so my apologies in advance if my questions are not clear or too basic. Hereís my situation:

    - Building a new home in SW Florida (Naples area) with a covered lanai and an IG pool and spa
    - I donít know the exact size of the pool, but the portion of the lanai where the pool will be built is approx 25 feet deep by 45 feet wide
    - Have an appointment next month with the builderís pool construction company to select the type of pool and the options
    - This home will be unoccupied for 5-6 months every year
    - Pool will be used occasionally by my wife and I, and frequently when Grandkids are visiting.
    - Spa will be used more than the pool by my wife and I
    - Not looking to create an extravagant custom pool design, we just want something that looks nice, and is functional for entertaining visiting friends and family

    - Safety for the grandkids. We want to create a fun, but safe pool environment for the grandkids and guests
    - Manage ongoing maintenance costs
    - Ease of maintenance. Will be hiring a pool service, but I realize I will doing some of the basic maintenance and upkeep, and would like to keep that to something that is easily manageable

    - What type of heater? - Given my location in SW Florida, and infrequent use of the pool, which type of heater should I choose? Iíve read numerous articles comparing gas heaters versus heat pumps. The community that Iím building my home has natural gas service.
    - How do I manage ongoing costs? - Do you have any suggestions or tips on decisions I should make in designing the pool that will help to lower my ongoing costs?
    - Should I select a Salt water pool? - The builder indicates that most people building new pools are opting for salt water pools. The research Iíve done would lead me to agree. Are they any big negatives to salt water pools that Iím missing?
    - Depth of pool - As mentioned, the area where the pool will be built (not including the covered lanai) is approximately 25 feet deep and 45 feet wide. Any opinion on how deep the pool should be (ie, 3 feet in the shallow end, gradually increasing to 6 feet in the deep end)?
    - Gone for 6 months - I will be hiring a pool service, but is there anything specific I should consider given that the home will not be occupied for 5-6 months every year?
    - Pool Options? - Beyond just the base pool, what are the ďgotta haveĒ options in your opinion? (Examples might be pool lights, steps into the pool, etc)
    - Other lessons learned? - Any other suggestions or lessons learned when building an IG pool?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Building new home with IG pool and spa in SW Florida, your advice requested

    The kind of heater depends on how you envision using it. A heat pump is best for maintaining temperature for weeks at a time. A gas heater is best for heating just for a specific day or weekend.

    I have a salt water pool and love it, as do many other forum members.

    Being gone for months at a time is tricky. You are basically going to either need a service to care for the pool, or will need to "winterize" the pool while you are gone.
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