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Thread: Tips on how to remove this cover please.

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    Tips on how to remove this cover please.

    Would like to open the pool myself this year as it's too costly to pay for an opening. I find that all they have to do is remove the cover, clean it, pack it and then open teh pool (skimmer, jets, heater, pump, etc).

    I am comfortable doing it all as this is the third year we have the pool. PB has been doing it for the last couple of years.

    What I need help with is, what is the best way to remove the cover and not get too much dirt into the pool.

    I have already pumped out all the winter water from the winter. I used the pool brush to sweep all the leaves that were there to one corner and listed them out.

    Now we have water from the rain here in Toronto and I will keep pumping it out.

    As for the cover, once I unclip it, should I get it all out on the pool deck and then clean it? Or take it out a few feet at a time like the PB did? When those few feet are on the deck, clean and brush cover, roll / fold and then continue?

    Also - what should I use to clean vinyl steps when open?

    Would appreciate any tips / help.

    Here is a pic of what it looks like now.


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    Re: Tips on how to remove this cover please.

    I haven't got a clue, but I'll give you a

    And if you already figured something out, post and let us know, in case someone else has the same question. And if you figured something out and it didn't work well, tell us that, too!
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    Re: Tips on how to remove this cover please.

    Don't worry about the water on the cover at all.
    I have not pumped off the cover water in a few years now. Was too much of a pain with all the snow we have had recently.
    Do what you have done, remove leaves and detritus, then add a jug of bleach to the water on the cover, leave for a day or two until its relatively clear.
    Then unclip and pull the cover out of the pool leaving the water in the pool.
    Its free water and much easier way of doing it. Good luck.

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