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Thread: Filter repair

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    Filter repair

    Hi, total newbie here. bought an intex ABG pool and had trouble since the second week. I sunk ton of money on chemicals and was about to say forget it when i came across this site. I got the tf-100 test kit and got results that made sense finaly and bought a new sand filter on ebay. A columbia brand. I put the filter on and then plumbed my intex filter after the sand filter on the return line. I filled it with zeolite as lowes was out of pool sand and had this on sale. THe instructions with the filter said to put in 150-200 lbs and 25 lbs of the zeolite was supposed to be the equivalent of 50 pounds so i put in 3 boxes. Well it still didnt filter like i thought it should so I put in another 25 lbs of zeolite. The problem was when i opened it up the lateral assembly came up with the valve.
    Stupid me being in a hurry pushed down and worked it back and forthe till it went down to the bottom and reassembled it. It blew media out when i rinsed but seemed to be ok with the backwash. A week later I saw media on the pool floor and when I opened up the intex filter to clean it it was full of the zeolite. I realized then that my intex filter was functioning as my lateral.

    Now to the question.... Has anyone tried to make a lateral assembly, the one that came with it has basically a cross section that has vetical cuts in it on each "leg" looking at the conversion 1/64 is about what i would have to drill/cut in some pvc to make my laterals. The thing is only a week old so I'm don't really want to replace it but not sure where i can buy replacement parts and the laterals that came with it are very flimsy and wondering if I could make a stronger set.
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    Re: Filter repair

    Welcome to the forum.

    I have never been able to cut small slots in plastic with normal tools. I really enjoy the challenge of cobbling something together and have tried to figure out how to make those small openings for a couple of projects but simply can't think of what tool you would use.

    I'll be interested as well if someone has a practical idea.
    Dave S.
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    Re: Filter repair

    Possibly a fine piece of wire heated 26awg. Precut slots with a dremel and finish with the wire. I'll have to give it a try.
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