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Thread: Uncovering a filled-in pool

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    Uncovering a filled-in pool

    We have purchased a house with a filled in pool and spa. The screen is damaged on one side and we are unsure what we will find when we start to dig. Also the house is on a well so we will have well water that is high in iron to contend with..Any suggestions are appreciated.
    In ground pool and spa , kidney shaped, completely filled in with dirt (house was a foreclosure) no equipment but lines are still in place. Currently in the planning stages to resurrect it

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    Re: Uncovering a filled-in pool


    We've had the pleasure of watching a handful of these gems dug up and brought back to life! It can be done. As for well water, you could use it and a sequestering agent or you can have water brought in.

    If you dig this pool up, please post pics!
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    Re: Uncovering a filled-in pool

    Hi Ellen,
    here is a thread about digging up a buried pool. One thing you will find Im sure, is when you get to the bottom, there may be 1 or more good size holes in it. These holes are intentionally put there to relieve the hydrostatic pressure, so the pool shell doesnt pop out of the ground. Most towns building codes require this if a pool is to be filled in.

    The good news is that its entirely repairable, so dont let that deter you.

    Good luck and take lots of pics! Also, I lost a small chest of spanish gold in FL a few years back, so if you find one, its probably mine!

    Good Luck!
    Divin Dave,
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    Re: Uncovering a filled-in pool

    Do you know any neighbors, PB, anyone who may have knowledge of how the pool was filled in? Perhaps they could shed some light on what you are facing.

    Last year we purchased a home with a filled in pool. We had originally hoped to dig it back out, but once we learned how they did it, we realized it would be a massive undertaking of both money and labor. (About 75% more than the cost of installing an in ground pool from scratch!) We've opted instead to partially bury an above ground pool in a different location. Disappointing, but I'm so very glad we learned this before we invested in the project!

    Good luck! I hope you have a better outcome than we did - it would be a very fun project!
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