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Thread: Repainting a gunite pool, thinking of adding a SWG, any advise?

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    Question Repainting a gunite pool, thinking of adding a SWG, any advise?

    We purchased a home 4.5 yrs ago with an 33,000 pool. We believe they painted the pool just prior to putting it on the market. We feel the paint is failing and needs to be redone. We are DIY'ers and realize that we can paint, but not replaster. The cost to sandblast and replaster is just too much, adding support to repainting.

    After researching just until the point our eyes bleed, we understand that we will need to Tsp, acid wash, Tsp, prime and paint. Looks like we will be using Super Poxy Shield from In The Swim. The process seems a few nerves past overwhelming, but the cheapskates in us keep us moving forward. Any advice?

    Also while we have the pool drained it seems like a good time to relocate the filter and pump to outside our workshop as the chlorine is destroying our tools. So while we are moving things around we are thinking of adding a SWG. We are looking at the Aqua Rite from Hayward. We are hoping to make maintenance easier and less costly. Mustard algae has been a problem for us in the spring and fall when we aren't in the pool as much. Any advise? Do we need to worry about corrosion to our metal steps?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
    We have owned this pool for 4.5 yrs, it is painted plaster (came that way);30,000 gal;IG;Sand (large, don't know exact);large pump (don't know exact size or speed);Likely 10yrs or older, Polaris vacuum

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    Re: Repainting a gunite pool, thinking of adding a SWG, any advise?

    Hey, Welcome to the forum!

    I understand the cost issue, but I can't lie to you about the paint. No matter which pool paint you choose, it won't last much more than a few years at best. If it would be at all possible, my advice would be to re-plaster.

    Move the chemicals outside, not the pump and filter. Chemicals from within the pump system are not the ones eating your tools. If they are getting damp from leaks and humidity, fix the leaks, but chemicals aren't coming out of the filter system. Having equipment inside is nice and helps prevent freezing issues.

    Mustard or any Algae can be overcome with proper water balance (Free Chlorine) no matter how much, or when you use the pool. I really encourage you to read around here and check out Pool School. Get a good kit, and manage the pool right when you get re-filled. We can help you do that and quite easily if you want to learn how.

    Glad you found us, and enjoy the forum.
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    Re: Repainting a gunite pool, thinking of adding a SWG, any advise?

    If you are having recurring problems with algae it's due to insufficient chlorine (FC) in the pool. If you're saying that when you're not using it as much you are also neglecting to test and adjust then the SWCG will give you an edge as it's adding the FC daily if you're not.

    +1 with Patrick, the equipment inside the workshop isn't your problem unless they're leaking.

    What do you usually have for a CYA level and what is your daily chlorine target ??

    Can't answer your painting questions but it does sound like the painting is more of a temporary fix. Might give you time to save up for a re-plaster ?
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