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Thread: Diving/Jump board suggestions for new IG pool (with SWG)?

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    Diving/Jump board suggestions for new IG pool (with SWG)?

    Just put in a 20x44 (with L) last year, and looking to do the stamped concrete pool decking and board now. It seems with salt water corrosion is a big issue and the SR Smith system is pricey but suggested to avoid rust. Just checking to see if folks agree that an SR Smith is the way to go, and if so whether the salt water-compatible one is worth the extra $$$.

    If so, which board is suggested to match that base? Brochure lists Frontier III, Freestyle and HipHop. Here is a list of all the boards with some snippets:

    Problem is they all read the same!!! From the pics the Frontier III has a big wood core in the middle but looks like hollow wings on outside? The other two look similar. I called SR Smith and C/S rep told me hiphop and freestyle are very stiff, 6' length, and only difference is shape (freestyle has a very fat rear portion). I want more spring , so guess that leads me toward the Frontier III based on what she said but to be completely honest that huge chunk of wood wouldn't seem to flex much???

    Doesn't seem to be a huge amount of feedback here on boards, but hoping this stirs something - thoughts?

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    Re: Diving/Jump board suggestions for new IG pool (with SWG)?

    I have a frontier 3 that is 8' long, with the cantilever stand. It is pretty springy, I was worried too because some short boards I had used barely bounced when you jumped on them. I do have a salt pool and in the first year the stand started to rust, I had the whole base blasted and re-powder coated, its been 3 years now and there are a couple of tiny spots showing through again. Since we own a metal fab shop I have been planning to either remake the base from stainless or have it hot dip galvanized then powder coated. The powder coater said he will redo it for free, I just haven't been bothered enough with the tiny spots to deal with it. I will say that the original powder coat was pretty poor and would have been really bad after a couple years.
    DONE, 20 x 40, inground gunite, 30" raised bond beam with 3 12" sheer descents, 8' diving board, pentair 420 cartridge filter, vs-3050 pump, intellechlor ic-40, auto cvr, Tahoe blue pebble tech, 6ea 4' x 12.5' & 2ea 1' x 12.5' helicol solar panels, legend robotic cleaner.

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    Re: Diving/Jump board suggestions for new IG pool (with SWG)?

    I'm also getting a SWG IG pool and a diving board. I'm either getting the InterFab Duro-Spring or the SR Smith Frontier II Jump Stand. They are basically the same board, I'll just see which is the cheapest when I'm ready to buy.

    I haven't seen anything that would make me want the SR Smith Salt Jump System. It's about $500 more than the board I want and it's not springy at all. No sale. I'm going to look into sealing up the board, but if it's expensive/too much trouble, the quick/cheap alternative is just to regularly hose down the diving board with clean water.


    SR Smith

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