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Thread: Is My Installer Sketchy? Foam Question.

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    Is My Installer Sketchy? Foam Question.

    We recently purchased a 27' AGP. The company outsourced the "free" install to a local company nearby. I found out that we have to provide for the cost of sand and concrete pavers, which amounts to $390. I guess I'm fine with this. I asked about upgrading to a foam bottom. The installer said it would cost an additional $690 for the foam bottom and foam cove. Or, the installer said I could purchase the foam components from my local hardware store, which would save me around $100 after I pay them to install it. The installer told me to buy 22 of the pink Owen Corning Foamular 4x8 sheets, but only in 1/2" thickness.

    From searching numerous other foam posts, I haven't really seen anyone go with this thickness. Almost everyone goes with 1" or higher. Also, it seems like people either do sand OR foam over a leveled surface, not sand AND foam. So, why would the charge be $690 on top of $390 when they don't have to provide sand?

    I just want to make sure I'm not getting screwed and that the price is in line with other installers. I'm also concerned about just the 1/2" thickness of the foam...should I go higher?
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    Re: Is My Installer Sketchy? Foam Question.

    My $99 install cost me $99 and he provided plumbing and pavers. The cove came as part of the pool purchase. I would suggest calling around to get a few quotes from other pool installers in your town.

    I did not require sand. They had to dig down a least six inches on one side so there plenty of dirt left for me to use after they were gone. I would think, depending on your ground and what is common in your area, they may use sand no matter what they put on top. If you do go with the foam, make sure they tape over each seam at least three times so the weight of the pool does not end up causing you to feel the seams later. People also say sand will get stuck of you do not use the extra tape.

    Hopefully, someone will come along soon with more advice.
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    Re: Is My Installer Sketchy? Foam Question.

    I used 1/2 thick sheet of the pink, all good just make sure no gaps!!!!1
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    Re: Is My Installer Sketchy? Foam Question.

    I found 3/4" tongue and groove Foamular 250 (25 PSI instead of 15 PSI) for the same price, so I'll probably go with that. I would imagine tongue and grove would be better for avoiding noticeable seams.
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    Re: Is My Installer Sketchy? Foam Question.

    Welcome to the forum RPD

    I think checking with another local installer and or seller is your best bet for comparing prices and feeling better on material choices.
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    Re: Is My Installer Sketchy? Foam Question.

    I talked to the installer again today. He insists on installing 1/2" thick sheets. He said he uses 3 rolls of duck tape to keep it together, but told me that all the seems would be visible. I'm not sure how I like that, since a lot of these threads have people with minimal seems showing.
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    Re: Is My Installer Sketchy? Foam Question.

    Duct tape is NOT the correct type of tape for this application. Use house waterproofing tape like for Tyvek since it is thinner and actually waterproof. The duct tape will just shrivel up and fall apart and be much more noticeable.

    Enough red flags for me to want to find a new installer ...
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