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Thread: AG Upgrade Question Pro Series 20 X 48

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    AG Upgrade Question Pro Series 20 X 48

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    Hi all. I came across this old thread while browsing for some pool info. It looks like there are a lot of knowledgeable people here, so I had to go ahead and join.

    I bumped this thread because I have pretty much the same question as the OP... I'm wondering if there is any more up to date info on the topic. I had a 15' round Intex pool with the Krystal Clear SWG last year and loved it. The pool was second hand when I got it, so we decided to upgrade to a bigger pool over the winter. I ended up getting a deal on the 20' x 48" round Pro Series pool at Sam's. I knew going in I'd want to keep a SWG; we loved that aspect of the old pool. In researching further, I decided I might as well go ahead and upgrade to a sand filter rather than rely on the one that came with the pool. Specifically, I'm thinking of ordering this system in the 2200gph model:

    Someone mentioned earlier in this thread getting the adapter to replace the pump in the bottom of the pro series skimmer. From what I've been able to find, the adapter mentioned earlier in this thread is incompatible with the 2000gph filter on the 20' pool. Has anyone had luck finding a compatible adapter? I'm trying to see what all my options are. Here are the options as I see them now. Can anyone offer feedback on the pros/cons of them? All of these options are theoretical at the point... I haven't measured hole sized or anything yet. The pool is still in the box in my garage!

    1) Keep the pump in the pool skimmer, gut it, and attach the hose directly to it. Does this restrict the water flow too much?

    2) Somehow find an adapter so I can completely remove the pump from the bottom of the pool and attach the hose that comes with the SWG directly to the skimmer.

    3) Drill out the bottom of the skimmer with a hole saw and attach a new Intex strainer assembly into the bottom of it (sealed with silicon?). I'm picturing cutting the hole and buying this (with the strainer side inside the pros-series skimmer, and the hose to the SWG attached under the skimmer. I'd have to see what the dimensions are to see if it would even work, and I'd obviously need to drill slowly so I don't bust out the bottom of the skimmer lol.

    4) Somehow orphan the existing skimmer and return (just attach the hose but never plug in the pump?) and cut two new holes in the side of the pool as was mentioned earlier in this thread. The only thing I don't like about that is that I'd have the useless skimmer/hoses/return attached.

    For options 1, 2, or 3, should I go ahead and plan on cutting the return hole out bigger and installing an Intex return (just so I can use the hose that comes with the SWG)? Just something like this?

    Thanks for any help guys. Sorry for all the newbie questions... I'm just trying to get my game plan in place before I put the pool up next month! Thanks again!

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    Re: AG Upgrade Question Pro Series 20 X 48

    Was reading your post, The last 4 years or so I have had the Summer Escapes Ring Pools (Which is made by Poly Group who makes the "Pro Series" pools). I have always had a problem finding fittings that would work with their pumps which means I was always battling a slight leak around the pump area when I did some mods ... Just a thought, I have read allot of post from members here on the forums about installing a Hayward Skimmer to an Intex Pool, maybe you could think about just purchasing a new skimmer like a Hayward and installing in the same location as the current skimmer is located on your Pro Series Pool? It would save a leak issue, your fittings would be standard which would allow easier future mods or changes ... Since the Pro Series comes with the skimmer the holes that are already in the liner might work so that you would not have to cut or enlarge a new hole in the liner. That might solve your problems ...
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