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Thread: 10 year old pool - need to replace equipment. Compatibility questions HELP!!!!

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    10 year old pool - need to replace equipment. Compatibility questions HELP!!!!

    Hi everyone! We recently moved into a 10 year old home, with a 10 year old pool. I was fairly certain that we'd be replacing the filter (current filter is a Jandy cartridge filter), as a neighbor told us the previous owners have had a lot of problems with the old one. I think I'd prefer a DE filter, as it's what I'm used to, and from what I understand, it cleans the water better than a cartridge filter. Therefore, I went with the Pentair FNS Plus 60 (34k gallon pool). I was inquiring about the Pentair Quad DE filter, but I don't think the guy at Leslie's knew much about it. Does anyone have an opinion about this? In addition to the filter, it seems that EVERTHING else is going haywire now too The pool is operated through a Jandy Aqualink system, and everything is programmed through the Jandy AquaPalm. We haven't done anything to it, as it seemed everything was running okay. Our last pool did not have an automated system, so it's all new to us. We just went out of town, and returned to a pool that did not appear to have been running - mustard algae running rampant. I am treating the algae effectively; however, the cause of it is apparently an ineffective salt cell (Jandy AquaPure 1400). It is giving a 170 error code, which indicates a board problem. I have cleaned the salt cell, cleaned the tri-sensor and added salt, all to no avail. Still getting the error, and I can't even get the darn thing to stop beeping! My AquaPalm stopped working at the same time. It seems that the AquaPalm is no longer communicating with the J Box (unable to change channel, reset, anything), but how could all of that happen simultaneously? Is the problem with the AquaPalm somehow related to the salt cell problem? It's all very frustrating! In addition to the new DE filter, I have also purchased a "just in case" new salt cell. We went with the Hayward instead because of the cost. The guy at Leslie's said that the new SWG would just bypass the Aqualink and we would control it from it's own box. This is totally fine with me; however, I am concerned about compatibility overall. If I have Jandy Aqualink (10 years old) that is operated with an AquaPalm (that is currently stuck on the "waiting" screen -not sure if it will work once the AquaPure is disconnected), a new Hayward SWG and a Pentair filter, will I have problems? We also have a Jandy heater, which will probably need to be replaced soon too. We not really excited about replaced EVERYTHING at once! We NEED the filter, and I'm pretty sure we need the SWG too. I have read that a bad tri-sensor can cause problems with the Aqualink/AquaPalm communication. However, is it even worth it to buy a $200 part for a SWG that is 10 years old? Is that all as clear as mud? I am now yearning for the basic, not automated pool we used to have!!! Any help/advice would be EXTREMELY appreciated!!! Thanks so much!
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    Re: 10 year old pool - need to replace equipment. Compatibility questions HELP!!!!

    I can help with some of your questions, but not others.

    The Quad DE is very highly reviewed, one of the best DE filters out there. The only issue it has is that it is terrible at backwashing, but is very easy to take apart for a full cleanout.

    A 170 error nominally means a bad front board, but it often means you need a new trisensor, or that the power supply is bad, and almost never means you need a new front board.

    If you have a spa, it is nice to have a compatible SWG, but without a SWG it is just as good to have different brand SWG. Filter and heater brand never matters to any other component.
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