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Thread: New member BrianR170 in Arizona

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    New member BrianR170 in Arizona

    Just joined with the hope of getting help and giving it if I can.

    I live in the Phoenix area and I've owned my pool for 20 years and have developed a routine that keeps it maintained with a relatively small amount of work and expense. It has worked well for me excluding two occasions (will be posting about that shortly). Additionally, all of the equipment is original except a Baracuda G3 that replaced the original Baracuda G1. So, I'm hoping to gain insight on what type of replacement equipment will be best for my pool when the time comes.

    My Pool:

    Built by Shasta Pools in July 1995
    Approx 12,000 gallon, 5ft at deepest point, 3ft at shallowest point
    Pebble-Tech surface
    Sta-Rite Dyna-Glas 1hp pump running 9hrs/day summer and 6hrs/day winter
    Sta-Rite sand filter (400lbs sand media, not sure of model or surface area).
    Zodiac Nature2 M25 mineral sanitizer (formerly Vis-ION)
    Deck-Chlor chlorinator (now unused in favor of a floating chlorinator)
    Baracuda G3 automatic cleaner with Hayward W560 leaf canister.

    My Preventative Maintenance Schedule:

    - Brush entire pool once per week.
    - Empty skimmer basket twice per week and after every storm or windy day.
    - Check filter pressure twice per week: when filter pressure >5psi above normal, backwash for 2 minutes or until water is clear.
    - Empty pump and canister leaf baskets once per week and after every storm.
    - Check floating chlorinator twice per week and make sure it never empties.
    - In warm weather only, shock once per month or after a dust/wind storm.
    - Replace Baracuda diaphragm once per year in spring.
    - Replace mineral sanitizer cartridge once per year in spring.
    - Drain and refill pool once every 2 years in spring.

    The exceptions to the above are:
    - Replacing broken/worn-out parts
    - Replaced the sand filter media once in 2008
    - In early June, usually a small but visible amount of yellow algae clings to the walls. Brushing twice per week for one or two weeks eliminates it.
    - In July and August, occasionally green algae grows above the water line where there is scale build-up on the pebble tech (no tile at the water line) and it stays wet but doesn't get much chlorine. At this time of year, I have to backwash about every 2 weeks. If the algae is present when I backwash, I spray 16oz of liquid Chlorine in a 3-inch-wide strip at the water line all the way around the pool. The algae is gone before the pool finishes refilling.

    Most of this was based on recommendations from the pool builder when we had the pool built and it works pretty well. Outside of two extreme problems I'll be posting about later, I don't do anything else (for better or worse), including testing the water or adding any other chemicals.

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    Re: New member BrianR170 in Arizona

    Welcome to TFP!!!

    Well looking over your schedule the physical works sounds good ... if even a little excessive. But, the chemistry methods leave a lot to be desired as they do not match the methods we recommend very much.

    The TFPC method is really just about understanding your pool’s chemistry and through accurate testing, adding only what the pool NEEDS and not what someone wants to sell you.

    You should NEVER need to "shock" the pool or have algae develop if you maintained adequate FC levels, which are a function of the stabilizer (CYA) levels. See the FC/CYA Chart. I am guessing by your continued use of tablets that your CYA keeps going up and up and up, but you are not raise the FC accordingly ... and thus the algae.

    If you DO get algae, then we recommend following the ShockLevelAndMAINTAIN Process.

    Have you discovered Pool School yet? Start with these as they may be very eye-opening:
    ABCs of Water Chemistry
    Recommended Pool Chemicals
    How to Chlorinate Your Pool

    Please review the methods we teach before you begin to try to help others, thanks
    Jason, TFP Moderator
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    Re: New member BrianR170 in Arizona

    Welcome to TFP!
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    Re: New member BrianR170 in Arizona

    Thanks! Going to check out the links now. I know the chemistry is a problem. I was really frustrated in the first couple years with all of the pool stores always trying to sell me a shed full of chemicals, so I stopped buying them and had just as good of results without them. The information on the internet back in 1995 just wasn't the same and a recent problem with the pool that was obviously chemical-related sent me on a search for, well, this site.

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    Re: New member BrianR170 in Arizona

    Welcome to the forum. I'll make another plug for reading the Pool School articles that 'blizzle mentioned.
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    Re: New member BrianR170 in Arizona

    Welcome and X2 to all of the above.

    Enjoy the forums!
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    ABC's Of Pool Chemistry, Test Kits, SLAM Your Pool
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    Re: New member BrianR170 in Arizona

    Welcome! You're about to dive into a wealth of information you've always wanted but never had!
    I'd bet you my bikini you'll never get TFP water from a pool store!

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