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Thread: solar pool cover discussion

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    solar pool cover discussion

    hi, I have had a cover for going on third summer. it started to split and a lot of the bubbles have broke.
    research has brought a lot to my attention. many have been unhappy with their decision and purchase.
    problems,1; they do not last very long, many barely get 2 years regardless of warranty.
    2; warranted cover cost as much shipping both ways you could afford a new one.
    3; they do not heat the water as advertised.
    4; many have seams or flats where it is glued together, some separate there.

    these are common ground issues.
    question I have is
    1; wally world least expensive cover says do not use in pool where chlorine level is above 3ppm.
    so shocking and covering is out.
    2; other makers do not say much about that or the fact it might change your PH level.
    3; what is the difference (big question in my mind) polyethylene, plastic or resin?
    which is better?
    4; I have read some ended up with 5 mil, 8mil, 10mil, 12mil, 14mil, 15mil and 16 mil.
    do they all last 2 years?

    my old cover was a panic buy from lowes, my newly owned home, old pool froze one night.
    bought a 8mil one, ice formed and it rained and froze until I had 2" of ice on top of it.
    found TFP site and realized where I lived I might not need a cover during the winter.
    it never did warm the water up, in my opinion.
    I now remove it during the winter. I repaired my salt water generator, added salt that
    should lower the freeze temp to about 20 degrees. but we hit 7 degrees this winter over night.

    first off I do not believe they warm the water, misnomer in name!?!? guess you can say want
    you want about a cover in advertising. my filter was flat black in color, did not run during
    the winter so pool did not warm up. I have since found a deep Maroon auto paint I had was
    some of the hottest in a test. painted my filter and plumbing that color since they sit in the
    sun during the day. it alone warms up the water 3 degrees.
    on TFP I read that taking the cover off and allowing the sun to heat the water is the best
    way to warm the pool......added to that the heat gain from my filter, I had the warmest in
    two summers. I found putting the cover on at night and removing it during the days sun
    is the best.

    pool cover reels question. my pool is rounded corners and a three step end causes issues.
    after struggling with two people to remove and install a reel was looking good to me.
    there is a ladder on one side frozen in place.
    however I read where a member here suggested to some one to cut it into sections.
    I did mine into 1/2 and then 1/2 again. that made it easier to roll up from one edge by myself.
    it easily rolls out by laying it on the water and then unrolling it.

    still pondering the material it is made from......what is best for chlorine and
    what if there is salt involved? or should I just get use to replacing it when it become junk.
    what one damages the most in sunlight?
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    Re: solar pool cover discussion

    Any cover will result in the water being warmer than it would be without a cover, typically by about 5 degrees. Technically the cover prevents heat loss, rather than adding heat, but the end result is the same.

    I recommend getting a cheap fairly thin cover. All of them seem to last a year or two, so why spend extra on something fancy that will just fail quickly.

    The 3 ppm of chlorine limit is without any CYA in the water. FC can be higher than 3 without problems as long as you are using CYA. Regardless, it is never a good idea to leave the cover on which shocking or SLAMing the pool.

    Salt has no effect on covers.
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    Re: solar pool cover discussion

    IMHO covers are disposable.

    They do not heat the water, they actually slow the rate at which the sun would heat the water. They work by preventing/lessening heat loss by decreasing evaporation...

    Salt, non-issue with plastics overall.
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