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Thread: Just Getting Started

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    Just Getting Started

    Hello to All
    Happened to stumble upon the site several days ago and it would appear to be a very useful site to secure a VERY much needed education, about all things relating to pools.

    First some back ground info.
    My wife and I are retired and live year round in Riberas de Pilar, Jalisco, Mexico, we retired from the great state of Alaska.
    We just bought a house, one of the features is a swimming pool, our first.
    It is my guess, the previous owner, neglected maintenance of a lot of things, and that includes all things associated with the pool.
    The pool size, in feet 8W, 25L, 5 deep, about 7500 gals, this is an in ground pool, and the equipement room is located below grade.
    Hopefully, I will be able to attach some pics, but will give a blow by blow.

    There are numerous missing tiles from different areas of the pool, I had a suggestion, that these could be reapplied using silicone, if I did not want to drain the pool, good or bad advice? Is there another solution?
    Should it be neccesary to drain the pool, for any reason, what precautions are needed to avoid any damage?
    Hopefully, my signiture will come thru with the info about pump and filter, but I will reiterate here.
    Pump is a Jacuzzi, S2LR-6, Manufacture Date: 20 May 03
    Filter: Astral Series 2000 High Rate Sand

    The pump runs, but is rather noisy, and the date of manufacture indicates it is old. I believe it to be running on 120 V, but have not checked the voltage, that opens another can of worms, with regard to the way or method that you need to turn on the pump.

    I have not a clue as to what, why when or where about the filter. Is there a link, pointers, some knowledge base that can be tapped, for all the info? The picture shows the gage, without the pump running, how to interpret the reading?

    Being a new pool owner AND the fact we live in Mexico, I do not have any form of a recommened test kit, There is a kit to test for ph and cl, there are numerous pool supply houses, that carry some testing, but I have not seen any form of all-in-one type test kits.

    As hinted above, there are/is/maybe problems with the electrical circuit to the pump room, the method currently employed, there is a seperate electrical panel, above ground and away from the pool, I was instructed by the previous owner, to plug in a two prong plug, into a 120v outlet, there is only one wire attached to the plug, I suspect, that for the pump to run, in this mode, that this plug is providing a path to ground. I need to verify and check this more closely.

    At this point in time, I am running the pump on a limited basis, maybe every other day for a couple hours, electricity in Mexico can be VERY expensive, and in the very near future, we are having solar panels installed, so at that time I will be more inclined to run the pump on a regular schedule.

    We have a "pool guy", he comes twice a week, supposed to be for an hour each time, but rarely stays for even 30 min. I have not seen any form of tests, he half heartedly brushes, occasionally throws in a half cup or so, of chlorine pellets, and thats the extent of his work.

    So, thats my getting started story, and I am sticking to it.
    Thanks for you help.
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Pool Size, in feet: 8 wide 25 long 5 deep 7500 Gals
    Astral series 2000 High Rate Sand Filter Jacuzzi S2LR-6 Pump

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    Re: Just Getting Started

    Pretty pool! Is it all tile?

    I can talk about the pressure gauge. You say the pump it not running but the gauge is not on 0. That tells me that the gauge is not working. You need to get a new one. Better to get a good one while you are at it. Here is a link to some talk about them.

    I hope that TFP can ship to Mexico so you can get a GOOD test kit that has ALL of the tests.

    When you get a test kit you can save money and fire the pool person who is not doing you any favors.

    Here is a little link to how a sand filter works. Let me know if it does not sound or look anything like yours. I was just looking for a simple write up so............

    I hope this helps some. Let us know what else we can help with or if any of the info. does not help you.

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