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Thread: UK based Indoor pool project

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    UK based Indoor pool project

    Firstly what a great community with very useful information.. Well Done !
    I am just about to build a small (14x7’ 2400 gallons) exercise pool, Fibreglass with counter current and housed (Good Lady’s insistence) in a double glazed building. I have had some experience in pool building and many years ago assisted people with building their own pools, but the industry and its equipment has changed dramatically and there is a far greater choice of equipment and particularly in the profusion of pool sanitization on offer. I am fortunate in that I can still get most pool equipment at trade prices so cost implications associated with the choice of equipment and sanitization are not a priority. I have read many of the posts but there does not seem to be a situation similar to mine other than the post Small, warm indoor pool - suggestions? which almost made me shelve my idea to build a pool, as I have a very limited knowledge of chemistry. But I am committed now so onward with my quest. My main problem is the choice of Sanitisation but I should perhaps list the equipment I have short listed so far :-
    1.Pool Control
    As the pool will be unattended for periods of 4-6weeks Zodiac Aqualink with internet connection as my basis to be able to monitor, and to some degree control the pool from afar
    I am looking into using a wood pellet stove to heat the building and the pool water via a heat exchanger, we have installed these into small commercial buildings and found them very efficient and economical. I will also be installing a dehumidifier.
    I am inclined towards a multicyclone with cartridge because of space limitations and the relatively small volume of discharged waist water, but as there will be little debris in the pool is the muticyclone an over kill
    This is the tough one and the aspect giving me the most consternation. In my last pool (Indoor) I used a bobber with Chlorine tablets which seemed to work well Tablet use was acceptable and seemed to last for several weeks when the pool was not in use and water temperature reduced , there was very little odor. But becoming aware of increased adverse publicity towards Chlorine such as:- “DBPs in Swimming Pools Are Linked to Cancer” “ Spending Just 40 Minutes in a Chlorinated Pool May Lead to DNA Damage” “The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has found dioxin (a toxic byproduct of chlorine) to be 300,000 times more potent as a carcinogen than DDT “ all made pretty compelling reasons to find an alternative to “Chlorine” I originally considered ionization and was quite impressed with the Chemless Ionisation, although I decided it required more research and that is when I came across your site, and after scouring your forum It would seem that Ionisation and any mineral alternatives are not the ideal solution they purport to be. It seems the forum and users are committed fans of SWG but then I am back to having Chlorine and the associated health risks, if I accept that these are minimal and chlorine is the best sanitizer then why not stick with Chlorine tablets and a Bobber. As the pool temperature will be in the region of 30 should I consider Bromine
    I realize this is quite a long first time post and several aspects covered but I thought important to list relevant information that may assist your welcomed advice

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    Re: UK based Indoor pool project

    Welcome to TFP!!!

    2. Heating a pool takes a LOT more BTUs that heating a home. Burning wood to heat a pool is not typically feasible. Although since it will be indoors, you may have lower heat losses which will help, and the fact that it is a very small pool, it might work.

    3. I am not sure what a multicyclone actually is. You should have very low debris loads, so I would think a cartridge filter alone should be fine.

    4. Stay away from the ions and minerals and stick with chlorine. Those articles you are reading are kind of flawed in that they are a worst case for pools that are not well maintained. There are many threads on the forum that discuss this. The problem with the thrichor tablets is that they add stabilizer (CYA) which builds up. As the CYA goes up, you need to maintain higher and higher chlorine levels (FC) to keep the pool safe. The only way to lower the CYA is to replace water. Being indoors, you do not need very much CYA only 20-30ppm.

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    Re: UK based Indoor pool project

    Hi jbizzle sorry for delay have been traveling. Thanks for your advice. Re pool heating have used 60k BTU boiler through heat exchanger before the BTU of the unit I am looking at is 105,000 so should have thought this would be OK this is the unit
    Sustainable heat sources are the buzz at the moment in the UK and with our weather this may be a good alternative
    This is the multi cyclone
    Will go Chlorine with SWG

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