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Thread: Wood teak Tub ionizer or?

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    Wood teak Tub ionizer or?

    From reading a few posts here I guess ionizers are generally frowned upon for use in plaster pools...
    Have a 800gal wood teak hot tub with equipment about 15feet away.
    chem geek mentioned not to use if not NSF approved, cant seem to find out if it is on NFS website search.

    I use granular dichlor and hydrogen peroxide and try to balance once a week.
    p-15 inonizer was disconnected when we got house /copper probes are in need of replacement should I order new or use spaRX(in pump basket) instead?


    ps from posts here on TFP it says to have TDS, if CH is balanced around 150ppm would that be enough? adding salt is very harsh to the wood right?
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    Re: Wood teak Tub ionizer or?

    Hydrogen peroxide and chlorine are completely incompatible! Hydrogen peroxide is both an oxidizer and a reducing agent so in the presence of chlorine the two react and chlorine becomes chloride (salt) and water and the hydrogen peroxide becomes oxygen gas.

    HOCl + H+ + 2e- ---> Cl- + H2O
    H2O2 ---> O2(g) + 2H+ + 2e-
    HOCl + H2O2 ---> O2(g) + H+ + Cl-
    Chlorine (hypochlorous acid) + Hydrogen Peroxide ---> Oxygen Gas + Hydrogen Ion + Chloride Ion

    Is there some reason why you aren't using the Dichlor-then-bleach method as described in the Pool School article Using Chlorine in a Spa? In a spa, you don't want the CH to be too high since the risk of scaling is higher due to the higher water temperature. Usually 120-150 ppm CH is sufficient to prevent foaming.
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