I have AquaLink RS with the PDA controller. I am trying to figure out what firmware version I have, so I can determine what upgrade kit I need to get. When I turn on the PDA, it says: PDA-PS6 3.0.
In reading the various forums and documents, they make reference to Rev N or Rev R. How can I find out what Rev I have?

What is the best (and perhaps cheapest) way for me to upgrade to iAquaLink? I think I need the IQ20-RS, which is roughly $500, right?
Can I simply swap out the chip with this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Jandy-Aquali...-/121466767387 ?
What will happen to my existing PDA? Can I still use my version 3.0 PDA?

Thank you for your help.