Hi TFPers,

I have an ozonator connected to a venturi, whose water flow passes on through an ozone 'turbo-mixer' device from Spa Depot (to help dissolve the ozone into the water).

After suspicion of low flow rate, I disconnected the tube from the ozonator and submerged it in a glass of white vinegar to test suction.
It could not suck up any vinegar atall.

Speaking to Jacuzzi Calgary's technician, his opinion was that he would just plumb in, connect up and switch on an ozonator.
He wouldn't bother carrying out any suction tests, and didn't know what to do if such a test failed.

The store I bought the ozonator from (R&R Hot tubs Calgary) said he probably knew what the problem is, but would only tell me if I paid him 1 hour's labour ($100).

Does anyone have any ideas what's going on here, or what to attempt to fix the situation?

The circulation pump is new, as is the venturi, turbo-mixer and ozonator.

Thanks - D