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Thread: Landscaping around Intex pools

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    Landscaping around Intex pools

    Hi, I'm new here! Loving all the info and photos of your pool set-ups! We got our first pool last year, and as you can see, our set-up was very sad! Lol! We definitely want to make it pretty this year, but I have a couple of questions. And I apologize, because they are very basic questions - I just don't have any idea how this all works!

    1. Where is your liner? I'm not seeing it in any of these photos in this you spread it all out like we did, fill the pool, and then stuff it back under? Or some other method? Our was so large and stuck out so far, I have no idea what to do with it.

    2. How do you deal with the landscape rocks/mulch/etc when you take the pool down? Do you clean it all up and put it down fresh around the outside the next year? Or is it left in place? If so, how are you all able to get the pool in exactly the right place when setting it up in subsequent years? Just based on our first set up last year, the footprint of the pool seemed to shift as it was being filled.

    We live in WI, and get less than three months use out of the pool, so we don't want to have a really complicated set-up/take-down process. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!


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    Re: Landscaping around Intex pools

    Hello fellow Wisconsonite! My initial ground cover tarp that came with the pool got trashed so I went and purchased a heavy duty tarp from Menards. We folded the corners in to essentially create a circle with the tarp, that way it was hidden from plain site. We used landscaping staples to secure the edges. We also used landscaping fabric from the edge of the tarp to the edge of the edging. Then we filled that area with river rock also from Menards. We take down the pool every year so when we start assembling the pool again we just find out where the edges of the landscaping blocks are and then start assembling the uprights, obviously making some adjustments to the structure once it is all assembled. Obviously the pool will shift a little when filling so having the pavers placed the "long" way gives the uprights a little room to creep. My friend took his tarp and cut it to a little bigger than the size of the pool, but that tarp material doesn't cut nicely, he has frayed edges all the way around the pool.

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    And yes if you are wondering the river rock does tend to end up against the liner, as long as it's river rock and not some jagged rock we haven't had any problems. Occassionally we go around and move the rock away from the pool wall. Not too worried about it though. We also have 6 solar lights around the perimeter of the pool. The edging separating the grass from the "cutout" of the pool area also has an area for the steps. This is also filled with river rock.
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    Re: Landscaping around Intex pools

    I live in Florida so, my pool stays up year round but I have a suggestion. If you run landscape edging around the perimeter of the pool, you could then place river rocks or mulch or whatever around the pool. When you take the pool down each fall, the ground cover will stay in place. As far as the tarp under the pool, after my pool was installed, I cut the tarp and pushed it back under the pool. If you go with the landscape edging, you could leave enough to fill the space between the pool and the edging.
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