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Thread: PCC2000 Infloor cleaner question

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    PCC2000 Infloor cleaner question

    It's an existing system in a house we moved into that had 3 pumps (pool was negelcted) so we went to 1 3hp variable speed pump (has spa and 2 water features). I know it is recemended to have a booster pump but we can set it up to run without any water feautres and getting plenty of pressure on the system. System wasn't working at all so I changed out the 2 modules and got a tool to pull heads out and cleaned them and we now have heads popping up!!! I cleaned the deep end nozzles that are supposed to stay up but now they go down- any reason for this or reccomendations?


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    Re: PCC2000 Infloor cleaner question

    I just put in a pool with the PCC2000 IFC System, but your setup sounds somewhat different than mine.

    I have a pump solely dedicated to the PCC2000 system, so I don't have to contend with any pressure drop across my filter and don't have to worry about varying pressure drops as filter media get dirty. Before you upgraded, did you have a single pump dedicated to the PCC2000 as well? If you did and if you removed it, you have likely compromised the system. You'll need to ensure that you still have enough water flow for the system to be working. Just because the heads pop up doesn't necessarily mean that you have the correct water pressure at the nozzles. You should probably find a way to characterize the flow to ensure you're not starving it.

    Before I put in my system, I contacted the good folks at Paramount to ask some questions. They were very responsive and seemed genuinely happy to make sure I got all my questions answered. You can reach them through their website and ask if your system is still likely to be working per their original design.

    As far as the pop-up heads go....none of my floor nozzles stay up constantly when the system is running. Each nozzle is part of a zone that comes on and off per the prescribed schedule. Your system might be designed the same way. Once again, I recommend that you contact Paramount directly with your question. They make a unique design for each pool that has their system installed, so they should be able to pull up their drawings for your pool and tell you how it was designed.
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    Re: PCC2000 Infloor cleaner question

    Yes the backbone of the PCC2000 system are the non-rotating floor heads that constantly direct a flow towards the main drain. I suspect a booster was dedicated to the fixed heads. Try cranking the pump up to top speed and see if the heads budge. Also check for a valve that might control flow to those heads. I've had a PCC with a single speed pump for 18 years and have shied away from the variable speed pumps because I've thought that I'd not be able to reap the benefits of the lower speeds and wasting money due to the demand of the PCC. If this is your case then just throw one of those boosters back on the fixed head pipe. Let me know cuz I'd love to buy a fancy new pump!

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