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Thread: Hayward/Challenger falling flow after start up-new parts

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    Hayward/Challenger falling flow after start up-new parts


    Hayward 244, 714 valve, Challenger/1HP, Kreepy.

    Start unit and all is fine until after a couple of minutes the KK stops working or at best chugs slowly. Traps and baskets clean.

    Replaced: new sand; new 714 valve w/ key; new seal kit on impeller assy; new seal on sand tank and new fluid filled pressure gauge.

    Pressure gauge shows 8-9 psi which is in line w/ 714 pdf @ 75 gpm in "filter" mode. 10 psi on "backwash".

    None of the changes above has made any lasting difference. It did the same thing before the new parts too.

    At times, since the new 714, one can hear a squirting/jetting sound coming from the neck of the 714/sand tank (we're not sure if it did this before or not) Some sort of flow passed the key seal? When in hand prior to install, the key and spring assy of the 714 seamed less stiff than the old one. We chalked that up to it being new, noncorroded and w/o any deposits. Still one wonders if this unit has a weaker spring, thereby causing this sound.

    In backwash it does the same overall fault. Suction is good then begins to fall off.

    So, the pressure is good, but there is a restriction in the flow somewhere. But, we can't figure where. There's nothing else in there.

    Wrong sand? This would make sense in that the flow at first is good, then falls off when the pressure compacts the sand to a point of restricted flow. Yet, we got it at HomeDepot and it did the same before the sand change out. Should be right/good enough...yes? It was "pool sand" on the label.

    Air pocket? Trapped in an elbow? Grrr.....Idunno......

    Thanks for any ideas that will help...

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    Re: Hayward/Challenger falling flow after start up-new parts

    Good Day, I have heard of this happening a few times over the years. Many possibilities. Since this is a Hayward filter and valve I would like to troubleshoot with a give and take conversation. I will private message my phone number. I want to go over plumbing, sand type, pool clarity, etc.
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