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Thread: Permits not required

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    Permits not required

    Looking at starting my build soon in North Texas and I've had a couple PB out to get a lay of the land. All have stated because I'm not in the city limits that permits will not be required. My questions is because the city will not be inspecting the work should I get an independent contractor to look at the plumbing, electrical etc... or trust that each major milestone will be within specifications on the PB word?

    Thanks in advance for the time.

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    Re: Permits not required

    Hi TCB

    Welcome to TFP!

    Since a permit isnt required, I definitely agree that the pool be built to code, whether a permit is applicable or not. This should be written into the contract with the PB. Dont accept a gentlemens agreement on it.

    Plumbing doesnt usually require an inspection unless it ties into the city sewer or water. However, it should be pressure tested to 30 psi over an 8 hour period. If there are any tiny leaks or weak joints. The pressure test will confirm it.

    Definitely dont accept any electrical work performed from anyone less than a licensed electrican with pool experience. A good electrician will know the pool building code and will do it right. This includes the bonding of the pool.

    If you have a main drain in the pool, the main drain must conform to the Virginia Graeme Baker Act. Its a safety consideration so someone doesnt accidentally get stuck on the drain due to the suction of it. No PB in his right mind would skip on that. But if you have a main drain, just make sure the PB knows it needs to be coincident with the VGBA. FWIW, its not even necessary to have a main drain in a swimming pool.

    As to whether or not you need an independent inspector is a tough question. There are a lot of PB's who do excellent work and dont cut corners, and then there are 'others'.

    I would recommend talking to the PB about how to reconcile the work performed against the building code and see what you can come up with.

    PBs generally know all of the inspectors and may be able to make a recommendation to perhaps a retiree or one who wouldnt mind some off duty work. Hard to say what the case may be, but I would recommend to maybe thing about something like that.
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    Re: Permits not required

    Not sure about Texas but in Arkansas you can get the state electrical inspector to look at that part.
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    Re: Permits not required

    You are close enough to Ft. Worth that you should be able to find a TREC licensed real estate inspector to do the work for you. While not under the purview of the TREC home inspections guidelines, the trades are the same.

    Check out The Inspector Journal Forum for a great group of guys in the business. While they are all over the country, I see TX guys there all the time. Post over there what you are looking for and them may be able to give you some guidance.
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    Re: Permits not required

    Plumbing all needs to be tied together at the pool equipment pad and pressurized to 30lbs. I left my trenches uncovered for a few days until I was sure there were no leaks and so that one could be found easily if it did. Also left it pressurized until the plumbing contractor came back to do the equipment tie in. Coincidently we poured the concrete deck around the pool and found a weak joint. Had the pressure not been on the line the leak would have been under the slab creating an even bigger mess later.

    Electrical bonding needs to be done by someone experienced with swimming pool bonding. The pool shell, pool deck, light and pump needs to all be bonded together with one single continuous bonding wire.

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