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Thread: Does a solar cover....

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    Does a solar cover....

    Does a solar cover help so much to prevent Chlorine from evaporating....alot?

    I checked my CL level 2 days ago and it was at around 9.5ppm. We have strong sun and cool nights here lately and it warranted me putting my solar cover on. Well I checked the CL level today, 2 days later, and it tested at 8.5ppm so in 2 days of full sun with the solar cover on I only lost 1ppm of CL.

    Does this sound right to you guys?

    I do have my liquidator shut off too so no new CL added there.

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    Re: Does a solar cover....

    A solar cover helps protect the chlorine from breakdown by sunlight. Evaporation of chlorine is not significant in an outdoor pool.
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    Re: Does a solar cover....

    I started using my solar cover (sold blue) about 1 week ago due to the cool nights (55F) here in PA. The cover stops all water loss from evaporation (warm pool water and cold air), as well as helps the pool retain heat during the night. I typically lose 3F over night with the solar cover from 1800 until 1000 the next day. Without the solar cover, I sometimes lose up to 10F overnight.

    As for chlorine (FC) levels, I cut my SWG settings by at least 60% less when using the solar cover at night thru mid morning. If I leave the solar cover on all day, I experience minimum FC loss.

    So, a good solar cover will stop FC loss from sun-but it's biggest asset is retaining heat and preventing water loss.
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    Re: Does a solar cover....

    Let me share my experiences with a solar cover.

    My pool builder gave me a solid blue cover. This July, it delaminated - it lasted almost 3 seasons. I decided to buy a new one because I loved it. It helped with water loss, it helped with heat loss, and it helped with chlorine loss. I had no idea what thickness it was being the builder gave it to me. After researching, I learned covers come in 8, 12, and 16 thickness sizes, with 12 being the most popular. I figured the builder gave me junk, so I assumed it was 8. When I went to order a new cover, I debated between clear, blue, and a half/half sold by Dohenys Waterwarehouse. I went with the half/half and have been using it now for about a month. First observation was that this cover was flimsier than my original. So, my assumption that the pool builder gave me a junky one was NOT true.

    In using the new cover, it certainly is minimizing my water loss and heat loss. I see no real difference in heat loss prevention (or gain) with this cover than the previous solid blue. However, I see a TREMEMDOUS difference in chlorine loss. On a sunny normal day during the season, my pool would use a quart or less of bleach a day when the cover was in use. This summer has been a bit cool so the cover has been in use all the time when not swimming. With the new half/half cover, I use over 2 quarts a day, sometimes 3. To me, this is a huge difference. My spend on bleach has doubled. I am getting consistent results over the past month.

    I am considering ditching the cover next season and going back to solid blue. And, getting the 16 size one. The 12 size is a bit harder for me to roll out on my irregular shaped pool than the old one. But, the new cover is nice and light and looks nicer than the solid blue. For me, the savings on reduced chlorine is worth getting the solid blue again.

    Hope this experience helps !

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