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Thread: Air Bleeder Valve for DE Filter

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    Air Bleeder Valve for DE Filter

    Hello, everyone. I've lurked here for a while but I finally registered and now I have an issue I hope someone can help me with. I have a Hayward Perflex DE filter Model: EC40AC. It has an air bleeder valve on the top that I open prior to backwashing. At the end of the season, the part I turn to open and close it, broke off. I went into Leslies Pool (questionable, I know) and I asked them if it can be fixed. He proceeded to tell me that he could drill down into the hole where the piece goes and see if he can pull it out, but he isn't sure it can be fixed. Kind of odd since they stock the part so obviously I'm not the only person who has had this issue before. My question is, is this the proper way to do this, or does the part of the lid that holds the "fingers" need to be removed in order to replace this piece? I'm sure their goal is to get me to buy a new filter ($420), but if it can be fixed with a $9 part, I'll choose that option.

    I do my own pool maintenance, but I'm hesitant to start taking the filter apart. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Air Bleeder Valve for DE Filter

    Welcome to TFP!

    It should be possible to replace the air bleeder assembly as a unit without too much trouble. If it broke off close to where it threads into the top of the filter it will be a little tricky to get the part left over in the threaded hole out, but any competent repair tech should be able to handle that in 15 or 20 minutes. If there is enough left sticking out that it can be grabbed with pliers then it is a two minute job to replace that you could do yourself with even minimal DIY skill.
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    Re: Air Bleeder Valve for DE Filter

    What he said ^^

    If there's enough left sticking out to grab, just unscrew it. If it's broken off flush with the filter lid, there are a number of ways to remove it. If you know any car mechanics, ask if he's got a set of extractors. Or measure the inside of the broken threads and buy an internal pipe wrench. You just set it inside and start unscrewing. The eccentric expands and gets a bite on the inside of the pipe and it unscrews. (The tool is also really good for chrome shower pipes, so you don't scratch up the finish)
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    Re: Air Bleeder Valve for DE Filter

    If you heat up a small flat head screwdriver, you can carefully push it into the plastic. Hold it for a minute to allow it to cool and then screw the piece out. Be careful not to touch the female threads.
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