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Thread: I wish I knew then..what I know now..

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    I wish I knew then..what I know now..

    I have owned a pool in the past. I relied on a company to come out every 2 weeks and service the pool and check the water balance. I would check the chlorine a couple times a week in between visits. I think I paid 60 bucks a month for the service. I thought..because I could check PH and cholorine in the standard kit that I was on top of things. To this day I have no idea what any of the numbers were in the pool other than chlorine and PH. Only after beginning my research to build my pool at my new house did I come across this site. And after months of lurking and then signing up and reading and asking some questions, have I realized 1. How much there is to know about proper pool care and 2. How easy it can be to do it yourself. Now I check chlorine and Ph everyday. I don't "guess" at what to add, and I know the current cya, TA, FC etc etc. I think..I am becoming a testing junky. I have a ritual I go through on my daily tests, and my weekly tests and I find myself looking forward to getting the test kit out on the table, having my diet soda ready, paper and pen and going through the tests. I said all that to say this.. I really appreciate this site, and the people on the site who are always so helpful.
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    Re: I wish I knew then..what I know now..

    ME TOO !!!!! Thanks much, very happy with all I have learned here.

    20 X 40, 28000 gal IG cement bottom, steel sides, vinyl liner, Pentair 4X160 pump, sand filter, SWG, Titan heat pump, coluorlogic and fiber optic. concrete-exposed aggregate deck
    1 skimmer, main drain, 4 returns ( 2 in stairs ) JEWEL LIKE WATER thanks to TFP!

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    Re: I wish I knew then..what I know now..

    Starsky - GREAT post!!

    Speaking solely for myself, I appreciate the fact that you've done the reading and followed what is recommended Also, I think it's wonderful that you paid the $ to support the forum Let's face it, a lot of people get their pools in order with the help from this site and save a bunch of money, yet won't help keep this site going by sending in that relatively small donation to be a lifetime member (I'll get off my high horse now )

    I think it's great that you now have a 'trouble free pool' and we were able top help you make it so
    Luv& Luk

    Having done construction and service for 4 pool companies in 4 states starting in 1988, what I know about pools could fill a couple of books - what I don't know could fill a couple of libraries :-D

    POOL SCHOOL, TF Testkits, Jason's Pool Calculator, CYA vs. cl chart, (Just a few DARNED handy links!)

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    Re: I wish I knew then..what I know now..

    I have a good story too.

    01. A friend of mine is a pool builder and distributor for pool products. So before I join TFP Academy ( I like this name ), I used to ask him questions. He is not the one who built my pool, otherwise my speargun shaft will be up his butt....( personal joke guys ). I knew him only about a year after I had the pool and a few months before I enroll in the Academy. He knew what a stabilizer is but does not know the name is CYA. He does not know what good and bad CYA can bring. When I told him about it...he went Ooppsss !!! Now I know more than him on pool water balance...
    I like calling him to make him say Ooppss !!!

    02. I can not get FAS/DPD from pool store here, if it weren't for TFP Academy, I would never realized its importance. So I now owned TF-100 kit. I called the local LaMotte dealer once to look for a good chlorine test, I believe it was DPD because I never understood FAS/DPD back then. Guess what they never stock it. They said shelf life issue. They wanted me to special order and pay US$75 extra per order on top of product cost because its special permit for hazmat. Gee, that is crazy. The hazmat permit cost more than the test kit and 3 months wait.

    03. I never heard of Taylor before, all I knew was OTO by Rainbow or by Pentair.

    04. I thought a digital PH meter will be best, so I bought a handheld one only to be suprised by the need to calibrate and cablibrate...dang, if only I knew TFP Academy earlier.

    05. For water chemistry matters, I have surfed for months and months, nothing beats TFP Academy both in database or the numbers of "Guru" available.

    06. Now I am a certified TFP Junkie....

    Thank you to all the nice people here. As far as the contribution, I do it willingly, I like doing it, I should be doing it...and its the most productive $$ spent ever.... for my pool. PERIOD.
    35,000 GL pool. In Ground. Concrete with all white ceramic tiles. Outdoor but shaded.
    Approx 36 ft by 15 feet. 2HP Hayward Super Pump, Hayward Sand Filter with Zelbrite ( Zeolite ), Hayward Cartridge Filter, Aquamatic Silver+Copper Ionizer ( suspended use since Oct 2008 ), Prozone Ozonator, 2 gram/hr, Analog Flowmeter on pipe

    Back Up Pump & Filter on trolley, Pentair 1.5HP + Pentair Cartridge Filter, Slime Bag 1 micron Jumbo Size, downstream of Cartridge

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    Re: I wish I knew then..what I know now..

    Okay Waste, I'm a newbie here, but the guilt trip worked. I'll become a lifetime member tommorrow. I just wish I would have found this sight before I began my pool building advenure.

    18K Gallon In Ground Gunite Pool, Quartz/Plaster Finish, 8' Spa with Spillover, 1 Grotto/Waterfall, Hayward/Goldline PS8 controller, 1.5 HP Two Speed Pump, 1HP Booster Pump for Grotto/Waterfall, Cartridge Filter,400K BTU Nat Gas Heater, Ozonator,3 Multi-Color LED Lights (Spa, Grotto, Pool).

    Ozonator is not functioing, evaluating my options, either fix it or get a new one or drop it completely.

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