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Thread: Filter PSI vs PV3 module PSI ?

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    Filter PSI vs PV3 module PSI ?


    The pump was running at 2500 RPM (Intelliflo VS) but wasn't cleaning well. Bumped up to 2800RPM and see the filter psi at 20 and the PV3 system saying 7 psi ? Why such a difference. IS that normal? I just cleaned the filters a couple weeks ago (three weeks after filling pool). Lots of plaster in there (the filters weighed 75+ lbs).

    The specs call for 60GPM @ 80HD ?

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    Re: Filter PSI vs PV3 module PSI ?

    The difference is the head loss between the filter and PV3 gauges. It all depends on what is in-between and the actual flow rate.
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    Re: Filter PSI vs PV3 module PSI ?

    Based upon your question, I assume you have a single pump that drives your filtration in in-floor cleaning system in series. The Paramount PV3 system works by shooting high-pressure water through pop-up nozzles on the floor. I'm surprised that your PB would have setup the PV3 after the filter, due to the potential pressure drop--especially as the filtration media get dirty.

    In my recent pool installation, I opted for the Paramount PCC2000 system (which appears to function very closely to the PV3 system). My PB put this ICF system on a separate circuit with a dedicated pump. My filtration circuit is on a completely separate loop, with its own dedicated pump. I asked my PB about other options, and he said that they keep the IFC away from filter loops to avoid performance loss from pressure drop. He also would not consider a 2-speed or variable-speed pump on my IFC loop, since they size the pump for optimum cleaning performance. Do you have option to put in a dedicated pump for your floor system? The added benefit is you only need to run this 2nd pump when you're running the cleaning system. Right now, I'm only running mine about an hour a day and my floor is spotless!

    If you don't want to go with the dual pump route, I would recommend that you contact Paramount directly and get their opinion on what speed you might need to be running your system. I reached out to them before signing my pool contract to ask some questions, and they got back to me very quickly with detailed responses to my concerns.

    As a side question....what happens to the dirt that gets collected from the floor? Do you have the optional Debris Containment Canister? With my dedicated IFC loop, the dirt/water goes from floor drain, to Canister, through pump, and then back into the pool. After it is blown into the floor drain, the dirt doesn't seem to be coming back so I guess it's working as designed. I love it!
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