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Thread: Detecting leaks and....rid of liner wrinkles

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    Detecting leaks and....rid of liner wrinkles

    Trying to find how to detect a leak.
    Seem to be loosing about an inch or so per week.
    Can't tell if it's from evaporation, fun, or an actual leak.

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    Also want to know how to get rid of liner wrinkles.

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    Re: Detecting leaks and....rid of liner wrinkles

    Fill a bucket with water and set it on the step. Adjust the water level in the bucket so it is the same level as the pool water. If they stay the same level over a few days, it's evaporation. If the pool drops more quickly, you have a leak. An inch a week is reasonable evaporation though.

    Liner wrinkles are tough when the pool is full. If the liner has any age on it, leave them alone. If it's a new liner, there is a method that sometimes works, but please understand it is risky and you can damage the liner. Please don't hold TFP or me responsible. You can grab sections of the liner with a toilet plunger and pull to stretch out wrinkles. It may or may not work depending on the cause of the wrinkles. If it was just not straightened during the install, it might work. If the liner is too big or has swollen from chemistry problems, it probably won't work.
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    Re: Detecting leaks and....rid of liner wrinkles

    I thought for sure that I had a leak, then I did the bucket test. My neighbor had a new liner installed this year, and thought the same thing, even had the pool company come out and check it! We've had strange weather lately, cool nights-very dry,which is why I think that my 84F pool water is disappearing so quickly into the 60F night air!
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