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Thread: Is This Product MPS?

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    Is This Product MPS?

    My local pool store is closed is for the season, and the nearset pool store is abouit 20 mins vs 1 min to the nearest Wallyworld. I needed some MPS so I went to Wally's pool section. To my surprise, I saw a bunch of pool products with the Clorox label. One product 1 saw was the Xtra Blue Filth Destroyer.

    Principal Functioning Agent is Potsddium Peroxymonosulfate 25.8%

    Constituents as a spray adjuvant 74.2%

    Would this product be considered an MPS? Anything I should know before using?
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    Re: Is This Product MPS?

    Yes, potassium peroxymonosulfate is the same thing as MPS. It is also called potassium monopersulfate.

    We don't recommend using MPS in an outdoor residential pool, chlorine does everything you need and costs less. MPS can be handy in public pools and indoor pools to help prevent the accumulation of CC.
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    Re: Is This Product MPS?

    I should have added that this will not be used in my pool, but in my stand alone Spa. I use MSP, along with Bleach.

    Thanks for letting me know I got the right stuff.
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    Re: Is This Product MPS?

    It's not as pure as regular MPS products which are closer to 43%. Products with the higher MPS content include BioGuard Oxysheen, GLB Oxy-Brite, Sun-rite Non-Chlorine Oxidizer, Omni Quick Clear, Robarb Ultra Quick Swim, Natural Chemistry Spa Oxidizing Shock. For whatever reason, most spa MPS products are of lower concentration, but you can certainly use the pool products I listed (all but the last are pool products).

    Note that even in a spa the only reason you would want to use MPS is if you were using silver ions such as with Nature2. Without silver ions, MPS is NOT a disinfectant. Chlorine alone is sufficient to oxidize bather waste as well as disinfect so the reason to use MPS with silver ions is if you wanted a non-halogen (non-chlorine, non-bromine) disinfectant/oxidizer. Even so, chlorine usually needs to be added every week or two to keep the water clear.
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