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Thread: Motor Electrical Problem

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    Motor Electrical Problem

    2hp AO Smith pump stopped working suddenly. No noise, no humming, just dead. Tested the voltage at the motor terminals and getting 248v. Removed the starting capacitor and it tests good as voltage keeps climbing on multimeter. Placed multimeter instead of capacitor and there is no voltage. Is this something that can be fixed or should I buy a new motor? Thanks for any info.

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    Re: Motor Electrical Problem

    ■ Check voltage at motor line terminals. Voltage should cor
    respond with motor nameplate rating (+ 10%).
    ■ Check all electrical connections at the motor terminal
    ■ If no voltage is present; check fuses, timers & switches.
    ■ Protector tripped — wait until motor cools then restart —
    check protector for continuity.
    ■ Visual checks:
    • Disconnect power source.
    • Remove canopy.
    ■ Make sure there are no obstructions preventing
    the proper operation of the rotating governor.
    Check wiring and make sure none of the leads
    are in the area of the governor where they can
    be cut or interfere with the governor. Check
    governor for proper operation and make sure
    flipper is free to move.
    ■ Check switch contacts for severely burned or
    pitted contacts, sticking etc. Some blackening
    or pitting is normal after motor has been used.
    Replace switch if there is any doubt. Don’t try
    to repair by bending the contact leaf.
    ■ Unlike points in an automotive distributor, the
    switch contacts in motors are plated and should
    never be sanded which would remove the plat
    ing and cause early failure. They may be
    cleaned by wiping with a piece of cardboard or
    paper bag.
    ■ Reconnect power.
    ■ Start motor. Visually check the action of the
    switch and governor. Switch contacts must be
    closed when motor is at rest and should open
    when motor reaches about 2/3 of full load

    I'm not positive but there may be a start switch on the back of the motor that may be stuck.
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