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Thread: Hayward Ecostar Calibration Concerns....

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    Hayward Ecostar Calibration Concerns....

    I moved into my new house recently and have been trying to find ways to save on my electricity. Apparently the previous home owner had a single pool pump and had in been running it for 12 hours a day during our on-peak billing hours. So I thought that I should buy a VS pump to save some money ...I bought a Hayward Ecostar VS( the 3400 model) and had what I thought was a certified professional install it. He was recommended by the local pool store where I purchased the pump.

    Now before he ended up coming out to install I had a pre-conceived idea of how it was to be calibrated to run due to my research on the internet. I thought that the idea was to run it at the lowest speed possible that would still create enough GPM flow to properly clean and to run it only at the length of time that would turn it over at least once a day. From using a tool at some website it said the I would be running the pump at its lowest speed for somewhere between 13-18 hours maybe more according to my size pool, pipes, and with my DE filter. Which is ,as far as I can tell, 27000 gallons but no more than 30,000 gallons and my pipes I believe are 2 inches wide. Of course in my mind when I wanted to vacuum I would just manually put it at a higher speed during the time I was having it done.

    Well this guy who said he was certified by my electric company, APS in Arizona (which to me is a contradiction since why would they want me to buy less electricity) came and set it up to only run 8 hours with 4 of those hours on high setting for the vacuum to run and then it switches to a low setting for the last 4 hours. How can this be correct... not only am I only running the pump for a much shorter time than the previous pump but I only have 4 hours at a low setting.

    Am I wrong because to me this does not make any sense to me....any help would be much appreciated because my goal was to safe money... not to pay for a pump then have it set up to not maximize the very reason you buy these things.

    I am sure I can read the manual to be able to recalibrate it, but to what low speed setting and at what length is correct for my pool. I can find tools that tell you how long to run it and how it will save you money but it does not tell you at what speed setting and are they actually accurate?....I'm confused...any help please?

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    Re: Hayward Ecostar Calibration Concerns....

    Welcome to TFP!

    You do indeed need to run on a fairly high speed to get a pool cleaner powered by the main pool pump to work correctly. If your cleaner is powered by a separate booster pump then it is not necessary to run the main pump at a higher speed. It usually takes a little experimenting to find the lowest speed that will still run the pool cleaner correctly. It is generally a fairly high speed, but almost never full speed.

    There is no need for a complete turnover of the water each day. Eight hours a day, often less, is sufficient for nearly all pools. Ideally you want this run time split up into several segments spread around the clock, but that is not crucial. There is an article in Pool School that goes into way more detail on this.
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