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Thread: Pool Leak

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    Pool Leak

    I just bought a house with a pool a couple of months ago so this is all new to me.

    The pool loses about 1.5" of water per 24 hours, with the pump off.

    I had the pool company come out and they couldn't find it but they told me that the bottom drain had been plugged. Why would that have been done?

    After not finding a leak anywhere else the removed the valve in the skimmer and plugged the line going from the skimmer to the bottom drain and asked me to watch it.

    Any advice suggestions, comments would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Pool Leak

    The drain is usually plugged because of a leak. I'd go ahead and put the winter plugs in the returns and see if it leaks with skimmer, drain and returns plugged. That could eliminate your plumbing as the source of the leak, or show you that it is the plumbing.
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    Re: Pool Leak

    I'm still learning so be patient with the dumb questions.

    I'm assuming you mean with the pump off, obviously.

    I guess I can get winter plugs at the pool store?

    Plug the line in the skimmer that goes back to the pump?

    Thanks much.

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    Re: Pool Leak

    The previous owner ran the pump all winter so he never plugged anything.

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    Re: Pool Leak

    Question on the returns: Are they standard PVC fittings and can I get them at Lowe's or Home Depot?

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    Re: Pool Leak

    Another question: Should I put teflon tape on the plugs? Would that be necessary?


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    Re: Pool Leak


    Do whatever you need to do to isolate the water in your pool from the water in your plumbing.

    I don't use winter plugs so I can't advise whether teflon is required but you need to make sure the water in the pool can't get into your plumbing.
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    Re: Pool Leak

    Thanks Dave.

    I'll put the teflon tape on them and report back after I've done the test. The PC plugged the one from the skimmer into the main drain and I thought that fixed it but it was leaking again this morning. We had a lot of rain from Fay the last few days, so it's been pretty much impossible to test.

    Thanks again.

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    Re: Pool Leak

    Put the plugs in overnight and it leaked the same amount. So apparently it is the pool itself.

    When the pool company came out last Friday they couldn't find anything with the pool. He got in the pool with a mask and looked around and said the only thing he could figure is pinhole leaks in the liner.

    On why the main drain was plugged from the drain itself. Why would that stop a leak if don't also plug it from the skimmer end?

    So right now I'm at a loss as to what to do next.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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