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Thread: iAqualink Connection Issue - Very Strange!

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    iAqualink Connection Issue - Very Strange!

    I have owned a Jandy/Zodiac iAqualink system for about 3 years now. It's worked almost flawlessly this whole time but I've noticed the last 5 nights in a row the "waiting for connection" starts at EXACTLY 11:05pm and comes back Online at EXACTLY 12:35am. Precisely one hour thirty minutes at the same time each night! (took me several nights to figure this out with setting my phone to alert me to check the connection). I have a solid red and yellow light on the unit - no green light, so it is connected to my network but for some reason shows Offline and won't connect. I contacted Jandy/Zodiac to ask if they are doing some type of routine maintenance at this time of evening and he said NO. He said it probably has something to do with my internet provider but I told him everything else is working perfectly fine. I have checked every imaginable setting in both my router and the Aqualink itself as well as re-booting both but don't see anything it could be other than Jandy's server. I have no idea how long this has been going on because we don't normally use it at this time of night but have been this last week with family staying during the holiday. I do know that it was not doing this back in August. I re-questioned Jandy on this but they are of NO HELP or even begin to try and give guidance. This is too strange of a coincidence that it works perfectly fine until precisely 11:05pm-12:35am. I even tried changing the Aqualink system time today to 11:00pm and waited for it to reach 11:05pm thinking it was possibly in some setting in the unit but it worked fine. Anyone have any ideas on what's going on here? Thanks!

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    Re: iAqualink Connection Issue - Very Strange!

    Communication is lost.

    Signal Interference.

    Possible solution:
    The wireless iAquaLink J-box will stop
    communicating anytime interference (such
    as a 2.4 GHz device) prevents a valid signal
    transmission. When communication is lost the
    iAquaLink screen will lock on the "waiting for
    connection..." screen until a good link is again
    achieved, usually within a few seconds.

    Hook up the iAqualink transceiver to your router directly with a network cable. If you have no disruption in service with this connection, you are probably getting interference. This may be something performing a maintenance,or a daily update. These things are usually scheduled late at night so it wont disrupt other wireless appliances (funny huh?). This interference may not be you, could be your neighbor.
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    Re: iAqualink Connection Issue - Very Strange!

    The interference might be coming from a utility smart meter. Has your power company recently installed wireless smart meters?

    The iAqualink works on the 2.4 GHz frequency. If your phone can scan for wifi, you might be able to see what's transmitting at the time in question.
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    Re: iAqualink Connection Issue - Very Strange!

    I'm not sure if our power company installed a wireless smart meter? I'll have to check. Yes my phone can scan wifi so I will try that tonight! Whatever it is it's something that happens precisely at 11:05pm-12:35am so it must be something "running" at that time. I access the iAqualink many times throughout the day and have for a few years so I know it doesn't happen any other time. I don't have the time right now with the holiday and all the family here to hook the J-box directly up to the router (I need an 8' ladder and the router is not so easily accessed as well). When things calm down and return to normal, I will do this if the problem still exists. Thank you for your answers!

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