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Thread: scale removal/air intrusion/borax

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    scale removal/air intrusion/borax

    1. On returning after renting for several years, I found the old swg disconnected and my dark-plaster pool significantly scaled. So much for the three pool services used... An Autopilot is taking care of chlorine generation, but I am trying to find someone with experience with the Coyote [Abrasives] II TSL for scale removal. Don't like the idea of emptying and acid washing.

    2. Currently have a [sub-worthless] Barracuda perusing the pool bottom. The cannister is constantly filling with air. Has to be a tubing seep/leak, as there cannot be sufficient air to exolve in the suction line. Weighting the tubing to keep it below the surface is a tedious trial-and-error effort that maybe works, but it's a pain. Tried silicone grease in the joints; no good. The vac will go into the trash or onto CraigsList soon, but I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this problem. Having to add acid every few days is a nuisance and a waste.

    3. Read recently about Borax addition and am wondering how much real benefit derives for a well-maintained salt pool.

    20 August 2008
    pH 7.4
    FC >3 [Taylor low-level kit]
    TC = FC
    Hardness ~420 mg/L
    Alkalinity ~95 mg/L
    CYA ~105 mg/L
    NaCl ~3850 mg/L
    20k gallons/IG-plaster/DE/Autopilot

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    Re: scale removal/air intrusion/borax

    I can't help but hoping someone will come along shortly.....
    Helpful links: Pool School; CYA/Chlorine Chart
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    Re: scale removal/air intrusion/borax

    Quote Originally Posted by bsorcs

    3. Read recently about Borax addition and am wondering how much real benefit derives for a well-maintained salt pool.

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    Re: scale removal/air intrusion/borax

    I have found that on my suction side cleaner if I run the suction pressure too high, I get bubbles in the suction. I gues what is happening is that the suction pressure (vacuum) is greater than the partial pressure of the dissolved gases in the water and they come out of solution. The fix is to bypass some of the filter suction to the skimmer.
    7,500 gal, IG pool, L shape 22' x 15', 1.5 hp pump, cartridge filter, AquaPlus SWG/Controller, Pebble-Tec liner.

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