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Thread: Sticking Compool CVA-24 Automatic Valve(s)

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    Sticking Compool CVA-24 Automatic Valve(s)

    Hi Everybody,
    Haven't been on here in a while because my pool has been ... Trouble Free! haha

    Well, I am now having a frustrating problem.
    I have a pool with attached hot tub, all Pentair equipment except 2 Compool CVA-24 automatic valves which control the hot tub operation. I've already had one of these valves (or at least the controller) replaced when it would stick [intermittently] upon turning the hot tub off: basically, the water in the hot tub would be sucked out and the pool would fill up by a couple inches. I had a workaround for a couple months (until I got smart and had it fixed under warranty) where I would turn off the hot tub, run over to the valve controller, remove the 4 screws holding the cover on, and 'tickle' the the little switch things on each side of the cylinder - and it would start turning. By the time I completed this operation, the tub would be half full....

    Fast forward about a year - and now I am having the EXACT same issue with the OTHER Compool CVA-24! Now the issue occurs when I turn ON the tub.... the valve doesn't open/close and the water is sucked out of the tub and into the pool. I have learned to watch the little 'handle' on top of the valve and if I don't see it turning, I run over there with my handy screwdriver and do the tickle routine on that switch. Tonight, I turned the tub on from inside the house and didn't watch the handle because it had worked fine the lst few times we used it. Unfortunately, it stuck this time and we walked out to a completely dry hot tub. I hope it didn't hurt my pump (Intelliflow) because it must have been running dry for 30 minutes!

    I am past my 3-year warranty(by a month), so I am out of luck this time.

    What the heck is going on with these valves/controllers?? What kind of **** are they selling to us?

    Is there anything I can do to fix the issue?

    What other brand auto controllers are recommended - that would work with my Pentair system?

    Thanks for any help & recommendations
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    Re: Sticking Compool CVA-24 Automatic Valve(s)

    Are you sure it is the actuator sticking and not the valve? What brand/model valve are you using? Some require regular maintenance and lube.
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