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Thread: My plaster can't be fixed!

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    My plaster can't be fixed!

    i just read through the other plaster post and I was there when they did it. The color isn't wrong, the color is beautiful; however, the plaster LOOKS Terrible. Somehow, some way there are drag marks, brush marks, a pour mark and various other pockets of badness. They ruined my tanning ledge bc they left chemicals on it and they don't come off. Taking pictures of it is challenging except for the tanning ledge.

    The plaster people are to come out and do something. My PB said that they will drain it and get rid of the "slurry" and then inspect it. I told him to eat a big breakfast bc there is a lot to look at. it's a joke how bad the plaster is. AND what really pi$$es me off is that I tried pointing these things out and they kept saying it will be fine once they acid wash it (I think that's what it was) and fill it.

    UMMM. After trying acid in the pool and us brushing it 2x a day for 2 weeks no difference. It still looks like ****. Seriously.

    So i think it's wonderful that the plaster company is going to pay for the water and will redo it but what is going to happen to my beautiful color? Also, what can i expect to happen -- if anyone knows -- beyond what they have told me.
    And to save anyone from asking if I can live with it, it's Everywhere. There is not part of the pool that looks like normal plaster, not even the sides.

    Thoughts anyone? Has this happened to anyone else? If so, how did it turn out?
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    Re: My plaster can't be fixed!

    Some pictures would be good. Take them in the late afternoon you can often see more. It is difficult to get good pictures of bad plaster.

    Before you let them do whatever voodoo they are going to do you need to have a talk with both the PB and the plaster co and define exactly what they each will do and when they will do it. That is when I would ask the question about the color. Does redo mean chip[ off and replaster? Or something else?

    Read and give your PB and Plaster guy a copy of

    Without pictures I have no idea of what you are dealing with. All colored plaster is imperfect.
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    Re: My plaster can't be fixed!

    Just to clarify, is this a plaster finish (i.e. not a pebble finish or Quartz)? And if so, is it colored plaster?

    Edited - I was on Tapatalk and could not see your signature. I now see that you have Wet Edge Luna Quartz. This should have considerably less variability/mottling than colored plaster which is very inconsistent. I would not be afraid to have a Wet Edge representative get involved early on in your discussions with the PB (i.e. now).
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    Re: My plaster can't be fixed!

    I just want to point out that any acid washing is taking part of the plaster away and thus shortening its life. Just something to keep in mind.
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