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Thread: Red Algae Problem

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    Red Algae Problem

    I have red algae in my pool. It is getting worse. I tried yellow out w/ five bags of shock and later in the week a Bromide starter kit with more shock. neither helped. When I test my chemicals - it says I don't have any chlorine. How is this possible? And HOW do I get rid of red algea?????????

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    Re: Red Algae

    Welcome to the forum.

    It would be helpful for those who respond for you to list a full set of test results, and how the results were obtained (drop test kit, strips). Also, please update your profile to include your pool specs and equipment. Go to User Control Panel (top left, under the logo) and then "Profile" and then "Edit Signature".

    I've never heard of "red" algae, but you'll get plenty of good advice shortly I'm sure!
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    Re: Red Algae

    Hi murniwhite and welcome to the forum

    I agree with FPM about the information that is needed to help us give good advice.

    You may have "pink" algae, which is treated by shocking your pool. Shocking your pool is a process and not a one time event. (Please see the "Shocking Your Pool" article in Pool School - link in sub-heading at top of each page & link in my signature). Once we have your test results, we can give better information.

    Quote Originally Posted by murniwhite
    When I test my chemicals - it says I don't have any chlorine. How is this possible?
    Organics (algae) are consuming your chlorine.

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    Re: Red Algae

    Mom is right. We need to know where you are in your test reading to help. Also, how many gal in the pool, pump size and what type of filter. Also, what are you using for your tests? (strips?)

    I had red algae when I was using Baquicil. That was the last straw. It seem to like it on the shady side of the walls, under the ladder steprails and in the skimmers. As I remember, I let the pool go for almost a week without adding anything; then hit it with chlorine. (this was way before was around; in the late 80's)

    When I say hit it with chlorine; I mean I hit it. I don't have my flame suit on so I won't tell how high my chlorine value went because I had no way to test it back then. With the pool calculator I now know; but that is a different story.

    Anyhow, I would suggest you read up in Pool School about killing algae. You're are going to have to get your free chlorine up to a level and hold it there for as long 72 hours, even thou your pool is clear; which means starting on a day when you can check your chlorine level two or three times a day and add chlorine to bring it back to shock level; and brushing the sides and floor of your pool atleast 2 times a day. Also, clean in the skimmers and ladder and any where the algae will grow. Basically, I would treat it just about like black algae.

    Mean time, get us your test readings.

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    Re: Red Algae

    Both Yellow Out and Bromide can cause a huge chlorine demand until they get fully used up. Mixing various chemicals like that can cause all kinds of problems. It is almost always much better to stick with chlorine.
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