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Thread: New FL Pool Owner; Seasonal Automation (Pentair Easy Touch) and "Solar" Pool Cover

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    Bradenton, FL

    New FL Pool Owner; Seasonal Automation (Pentair Easy Touch) and "Solar" Pool Cover

    A new Florida pool owner here that is trying to setup his Pentair Easy Touch Control Panel. Basically what I want to do is to have 2 groups of functionality (Summer / "Winter") with the following functionality details.
    • Summer - pulls water from the pool and returns to both the pool and the spa. No heat. Basically so that the pool and spa function as one unit on a single schedule.
    • Winter
      • Spa - so that I can have a specific Spa temperature that is warmer than the pool.
      • Pool - so that I can set a specific lower temperature independent of the Spa.

    To me that makes sense. But I cannot figure out how to setup the schedule/automation so that the valves are in the proper alignment; pool only and spa only. I know where the valve positions need to be, I just cannot get to the control system menu that allows me to set the valve position (if that is even the case). The Pentair Manual does not go into this level of detail. (Or I may be completely missing it!)

    Here is a picture of my control panel.


    Since the plan is to use the pool year round, I also know that I need to get a solar pool cover in order to prevent heat loss at night. I believe that 8 - 12 mil is suggested and there are more details here, but is there a specific brand that is suggest over others? Are there industry standards for solar covers?

    Any suggestions are welcome, since I am new to all of this! Thanks for reading!
    Bradenton, FL 34202 - Pool Details: 17K gal SWG free form; IG, Pebble Tec; Pentair Easy Touch Control Panel; 150 ft2 Cartridge Filter; Pool/Spa Pump - Pentair WhisperFlo Model WF-28, 2HP, Single Speed; Built in 2011, we are the second owners; Test Kit? I currently take it to a pool supply store for testing!

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    Re: New FL Pool Owner; Seasonal Automation (Pentair Easy Touch) and "Solar" Pool Cove

    first off, I for one do not believe that solar covers warm a pool. that said, I have a 8 mil lowes on my pool.
    most do not last long, a wally world one says do not use with water over 3ppm chlorine, I guess it will fall
    apart. I do not believe there is any industry standard on them. most warrant them but the costs to ship
    it both ways is about the same as buying a new one. duh!
    I have a 18X36 pool, cut mine into 1/2 and 1/2 again. I roll it up carefully during the day. then sun heats
    the water faster that way. then roll back on by laying the sections back on the water and unrolling it
    across the pool. I added 1 1/2 months swimming last year here in TN.
    I read three types of those covers so far, resin, plastic and a polyethylene. which one is best? do not know
    but searching on amazon the reviews say about 25% are unhappy average about their purchases....looking at
    all covers. some fell apart, deteriorate or since some are glued together sections split at the seams.
    this site is supported by a company that sells test kits, most here recommend you to do your own testing.
    I too still take mine to a pool store a few times a summer. I do like to double check what I do...and for
    possibly better accuracy.
    you might search out the BBB method of pool maintenance. bleach, borax and baking soda.
    that helped me a lot. it saved me lots of bucks and time. I use a dip tester daily pool and spa
    'aqua check' chlorine, ph, alkalinity and stablizer as a guide. if anything looks off I do a proper test.
    it saves chemical testers costs.
    I do not know anything about your electronic control. can not help there.
    salt you want to keep above 2000ppm to work and below 3400ppm or it may shut off.
    18X36 Grecian 24400 est., pacfab sand Triton II, 1.5hp AOSmith, clormatic 2

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