Last year was my first year to close. I used 1 4x4 pillow in the center of my 27' pool. It was hard to keep water off of the cover at times. So I thought this year I would use more pillows so that the water on the cover would be closer to the sides and easier to get drain off. I put 3 4x8 pillows in the center under the winter cover. Only thing now is that the cover doesn't go down the sides to the water like it did last year. It was getting dark so I went ahead and covered and put clips to hold the cover on until I can get the wire on the cover tomorrow. Debating whether I need to take the cover off and remove at least one of the pillows so that maybe the cover will rest on the water. The instructions with the cover said it needs to be down the sides to the water. Thoughts? What would happen if I left the three pillows in?