OK, my new endless pool comes with a Waterway Teleweir with a Pleatco (PWW50L) screw-in 50 SF paper filter cartridge.

After running it for the first 2 weeks, I noticed the filter was full of brown gunk, which I surmise to be factory gunk, so I replaced the Pleatco threaded 50 SF filter with a Clarathon FC 2375. The Clarathon has the correct dimensions, but only 25 SF of surface area and is not screw in. I then added a knee high nylon hose sock directly over the filter cartridge - as an attempt to more easily catch dog hair.....

Will the cartridge float too high in the canister allowing water to flow past the cartridge? or will the water flow pull it down into place? how would I know?
Will the 25 SF and possible flow by volume be too little and too much respectively to allow for reasonable filtering? how would I know?
Has anyone ever used a sock in this system?
Will my placement of the nylon sock directly over the cartridge be useful?
I couldn't figure out how to otherwise place a sock as there is a twist-on lock-down drain-through cover that would seem to tear up the sock where you would stretch it over the basket edge. When I added CYA, I literally put it in an old gym sock, knotted the top, then tied it with string to the outside of the weir.