My pool is 18.5 by 36.5 and I have never had a cover. But, I'm ready to order one and would appreciate any expert advice. From reading earlier postings, I believe a mesh cover will be most convenient. I do have pine trees near the pool and will get needles through the winter that I'll need to blow off with a strong leaf-blower. I hope needles will not get stuck in the mesh.

The pool is rectangular but has the corners angled off, so it seems I need a custom cover.

I contacted Poolcenter and was told that their "subsidiary" InThe Swim handles cover orders. I sent my measurements to InTheSwim and got a preliminary response:
Pro Mesh brand cover, $1900 plus.
Loop Loc, still waiting for quote. 15-yr warranty
InTheSwim's own brand, $1300 plus. 12-year warranty

Does anyone have experience with InTheSwim's cover and can speak to the cover's quality and customer service? If you'd like to respond privately, email is