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Thread: What model Heat Pump would you buy, some sizing help too, Please

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    What model Heat Pump would you buy, some sizing help too, Please

    I've been bouncing around from one sales person to another, one Web page to another and I do not have a clear answer.

    My pool is about 16,000 gal. with the spill over it 16,700 gallons
    I live in Palm Harbor, Florida.
    I moved to a new home and I'm redoing the total pool.
    I've replaced the Pool pump from 1 1/2 to 2hp and added solar.
    I've replaced the Spa pump again going from 1 1/2 to a 2hp Sta Right pump.
    I know I need a 125k to a 150k Heat Pump.
    I could get away with just a Spa pump but there might be just a few year-end days where I just might want to heat the pool as well.
    Every thing to this point has been clear.
    My question is.
    What's do you think is the best heat pump for the money?
    Do you think my sizing is correct?
    Thanks I look forward to all advice..

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    Re: What model Heat Pump would you buy, some sizing help too, Please

    Welcome to TFP!!!

    What are you expecting the heat pump to accomplish? It is not a good solution for rapidly heating a spa.
    The bigger the heater the fast it will add heat.

    Curious, why did you get larger pumps? That is opposite of our usually recommendations which are to get smaller pumps, usually 2-speed in order to save money on electricity.
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    Re: What model Heat Pump would you buy, some sizing help too, Please

    Andy, I am in a similar boat as you, looking for a heat pump and also located not too far from you. I have a similar set up just a little larger at 20,000 gallons. I also have a 2 hp Sta-Rite pump that is used for filtration and another to boost the spa. When they need repair I will replace with a variable speed pump to reduce electrical costs.

    As for the heat pumps, I am down to choosing between the pentair and aqua cal, though I must say there isn't much info on how satisfied people are with either brand. Leaning to the pentair mostly because I expect to have to replace my old Jandy controll system and it looks now like I would get the pentair control when that time comes.

    I think one of the biggest considerations will be your intended use. In our case we really don't plan to use the spa very much during the colder months. If we wanted to use the spa a lot, I would get a small gas heater so it could be ready fairly quick. Our priority is to extend the pool season in spring and fall so a heat pump should be better. Right now my pool is 80 degrees with the solar blanket on but we would like it maybe 85, at least for the weekends. We get some really nice weather in November so I would like the pool to be useable then if possible but then we would be done till spring.
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    Re: What model Heat Pump would you buy, some sizing help too, Please

    Hello guys,
    Electric cost are pretty reasonable in FL. It's more economical to go with a 2-speed motor vice Variable speed pump (VSP). The saving with a VSP will not pay for the price difference over a 2-speed typically. When the electric cost are more than $.30 KWH the VSP makes more sense.

    Do you plan on using a cover with the pool heater? If not, it's like heating the house with out a roof. Have you looked into Solar? I have a Heat Pump that I use to extend the season a month on each end. I don't have a cover so I don't use it alot.
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    Re: What model Heat Pump would you buy, some sizing help too, Please

    Ecotech VS pump motor is pretty cheap, i'm going to replace my 2.5 hp single speed when I have some money, even in Florida here with relatively low electric rates, the difference running 12 hours or 6 hours was 100 a month on my old 1.5hp pump.

    For heat pump, if you have automation, i would get the one that interfaces best with that and otherwise the one that has the best warranty. My hayward heatpump broke many times during the warranty period.

    However my experience with the heatpump is that it works when you don't need it to. When its hot, it heats up quite quickly. I could heat my spa in 15-20 minutes. When its colder here in florida, say 72 outside, it would take over an hour. If the goal is to extend the season just on the weekends, you would probably be much better served with a gas heater that will heat the pool in a number of hours. Otherwise you would likely be turning on that heatpump along with your pump motor for 24 hours a day resulting in costs much higher than a heatpump.
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