The motherboard in my Intellitouch went out. Pentair TS advises that the new replacement will require that our old Mobiletouch remote get a reflash to be compatible. I've called half a dozen Pentair shops here in El Paso, and even the warranty provider doesn't know what I'm talking about!

I think these are my options:
1. Keep looking for a competent Pentair tech to do the firmware update; could ship the remote if necessary. $unknown
2. Follow the DIY thread on buying the P&E programmer & connectors to reflash it myself, <$200
3. The new motherboard means I could now install ScreenLogic, which seems like a much better interface, ~$400

I hate to throw too much money at sustaining the old controller but am unsure how much better ScreenLogic is.

Seeking advice, opinions, alternatives - thanks