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Thread: Can I cover afte shocking

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    Can I cover afte shocking

    The pool builder told us to shock every 2-3 weeks. We've had the water for almost 5 weeks and haven't because the SWG has been keeping the FC higher than we'd like anyway (with the SWG at its lowest setting), but we had a dead toad today so we figured we would. So, we put 2 lbs of Burn-Out in the pool.

    That was about 2 hours ago. Is it ok to put the solar cover on tonight, or should we leave it off?

    How often should we shock if FC levels are good and we don't have any dead animals, etc.

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    Re: Can I cover afte shocking

    I get many dead toads starting about now until we close the pool. I just add a bit more bleach in the pool. No need to shock and I stopped using the PB "shock" **** that they push on ya.

    As long as you continue to use your test kit to keep an eye on your numbers, then you shouldnt need to "shock" the pool.

    I really hate the work "shock"

    I really like the Bleach/Liquid chlorine as I have never had sparking water as I do now.

    I do let the pool breath for a couple hours after increasing the FC level and then cover the pool with the solar cover after that.

    I am sure more qualified people will be chiming in soon to add their comments as well.

    Hope that helps?
    Chad R.

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    Re: Can I cover afte shocking

    I think its ok to put the cover on. The only thing it will do is keep you FC higher longer because the sun cant get to it to burn it off. The only time you should be shocking your pool is IMO:

    a) You suspect an algae bloom with a CC of 1ppm or more during testing.
    b) Not really shocking but, add a little more chlorine before and after high bather loads and before heavy heavy rain storms (ie Huricanes, several days of rain forcast)
    c) IF you think the pool looks suspiciously cloudy or off color as I say. Could be the begining of an algae bloom.
    d) Dead critters in the water ....

    You will eventually get "to know your pool" and what it requires before and after various "events and happenings" with what pool changes happen with each occurrance if that makes sence ?
    Don't have a pool right now. Just sharing what I have learned over the years!
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    Re: Can I cover afte shocking

    IF you are shocking the pool to destroy CC or to kill algae then leave it uncovered so the volatile disinfection byprducts can escape and so UV light from sunlight can help destroy the CC. Keeping the pool covered after shocking is susupected of causing persistant CC.

    If you have a SWG and no CC (or less than .5 CC ) then shocking is NOT needed, btw. YOu might want to read these water balance tips for SWGs.

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    Re: Can I cover afte shocking

    She's shocking because of a dead toad.

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