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Thread: Closing Checklist Procedures

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    Closing Checklist Procedures

    Hi all, I lost my pool checklist on my old iPhone when it took an unfortunate swim in my pool this Summer, so I have re-created it. Wondering if any of the closing experts out there would like to review my closing checklist procedures (and have a few questions at the end). Suggestions are welcome, of course! Some background for placement: 10k gallon fiberglass pool with 6 return swingjet system, one skimmer, Parmount MDX bottom drain which ties into a Paramount SDX sidewall drain that feeds a deck debris canister and then feeds back to the filter. I will be using an air compressor and have rubber plugs with schrader valves for connecting.

    - balance water
    - run robot
    - drain water below skimmer
    - install skimmer guard plate

    Filter / Pump / Heater
    - remove drain plugs from pump, filter, and heater (store in skimmer basket)
    - turn off gas at equipment pad and meter and turn off electrical switch to heater

    - install skimmer gizmo
    - switch combination valve to skimmer line only
    - blow out skimmer line from filter through gizmo, then cap
    - fill skimmer with anti-freeze
    - cover skimmer deck lid with a few plastic shopping bags to prevent rain water/snow melt into skimmer

    Swingjets / Returns
    - remove swingjets from pool walls
    - remove Swingsweep valve assembly
    - blow out return lines from Swingsweep valve openings at equipment pad
    - cap wall returns one at a time with threaded O-ring plugs
    - add anti-freeze to return pipes and cap return lines with rubber expandable plugs
    - re-install dome lid of Swingsweep

    MDX/SDX Deck Canister
    - cap equalizer line on pool wall with threaded O-ring plug
    - shop vac out water from equalizer line
    - switch combination valve to deck canister line only
    - plug bottom of deck canister with rubber plug with scrhrader valve, shop vac out water from deck canister
    - blow out send line back to filter from bottom of deck canister plug
    - add anti-freeze to line from filter location
    - remove SDX sidewall drain cover
    - plug side opening of canister with rubber plug with schrader valve
    - blow out sidewall drain from inside canister, cap SDX wall opening with threaded plastic plug, while continuing to blow out bottom drain
    - fill deck canister with anti-freeze and empty bottle
    - cover deck canister lid with a few plastic shopping bags to prevent rain water/snow melt into skimmer

    - install pool cover
    - install heater cover

    1. Do I need to blow out any water from/through the heater?
    2. I know I should leave the drain plugs from the filter and heater off, but should the filter remain unplugged all winter as well?
    3. Should the filter site glass and pressure gauge be removed and stored indoors for the winter?
    4. Should all quick connect fittings at equipment pad be left connected or disonnected and 'open' through winter?
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    Re: Closing Checklist Procedures

    1) Not required if the drain plug(s) are removed, but recommended.
    2) Remove all drain plugs that you can find and leave them off over the winter.
    3) Yes, inside is best.
    4) This is not normally required, though if any of them will allow places where water might pool inside the pipes to drain then there is a small advantage to leaving them open.
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