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Our company, Discount Salt Pool, is the exclusive distributor for CircuPool in the USA. The units are made by Compu Pool in Australia, in business since 1979.
I bought an R45g last September. The control/power unit died. I called Don's company and they were kind enough to ship a free breaker replacement and installed it myself. Didn't fix the problem. I was told Circupool in Texas doesn't do warranty repair for this item. That it must go through Compupool in Florida. So I shipped it in for repair. I'm told the main board (a significant part) is what needs to be replaced and that they are waiting on the ETA of that part before they can install it and ship my unit back to me. Going on a month now without the control unit...getting by with tablets. What kind of company doesn't stock parts for a product that's supposed to be covered under warranty? I'm a bit confused about who honors the warranty on what and why I'm in this predicament. Good thing it's not the beginning of summer instead of the middle of fall, or I'd be fighting algae big time. Don if there's anything you can do to help me out I appreciate it.